Ceramic Glaze Botanical Oasis Collection - 8 New LE Shades Made for Summer

Ceramic Glaze Botanical Oasis is one of my favourite collections for three reasons:

1. After having tried Ceramic Glaze earlier in the year, it is now one of my standard go-tos. I love how smooth the application is (you can always get away with one coat if you need/want to) and I can do an entire hand with dipping just once or twice.

2. Like all Ceramic Glaze polishes, they last and last. You can absolutely get a full week without chips as long as you use a top coat (I recommend Ceramic Glaze Fast Drying Top Coat).

3. Often with nail collections the mid-ranges are way too similar, with one light colour that doesn't really go with anything, and the one extreme dark that you probably won't use more than once because of the tinge to it (why does it look so grungy or goth  on me when on a select few it looks modern and edgy?).  These eight new limited-edition shades will get you through the entire summer without a moment of boredom or regret.

Inspired by flora, this carefully curated bouquet includes not just engaging colours, but an array of textures - crème gloss, gloss shimmer, neon gloss, shimmer and matte glitter - to keep things interesting.

Take a closer look at Ceramic Glaze Botanical Oasis Collection:

Heavenly Shimmer - Sometimes you don't want a ton of colour, you just want a little pop and effect. This pearly dream adds lustre to your tips without any worry of ever clashing with your outfit.

Urbane Crème Gloss (pictured above) - Say hello to your new everyday staple. This nude is never a bore thanks to its awesome sheen.It hit the runways big time this season, proving it can be as sexy as any red. Expect this one to run low well before your other shades. It's phenomenal.

Perfect Peony Crème Gloss - The creaminess of the peachy pink is rich with depth. A feminine shade that both flatters and shows off a tan, it rules day and nighttime. 

Seize The Day Crème Gloss - A pop of pink is always a good thing, and thanks to its innate smoothness, it stay elegantly adult, never veering towards chintz. So rock this fierce rose in the boardroom and the bedroom. Uh uh. 

Impulsive Matte Glitter - Matte glitter isn't an oxymoron, it's fabulous. As magenta is swathed across the nail, teeny, microscopic glints of light in blues and purples peer through. It's the most grown-up glitter I've ever seen. 

Petal Pusher Crème Gloss - Lavender is such a wonderful shade for this time of year and this plush, suede-like colour has grey undertones making it a unexpected sophisticated choice. Finished with a gleam of shine, it works on every occasion from bridesmaid (it is summer after all) to board meeting.

French Riviera Gloss Shimmer - Whether worn on its own or used in your nail art designs, this Greek island/clear ocean blue delivers summer feels no matter the weather. 

Surf’s Up Neon Gloss - This jelly-like green neon is summery fresh and delivers an opulence while remaining fun and fancy-free. It makes me want to run through sprinklers, wear white lace dresses and soak up the sun on a boardwalk in Montauk. Ahhh...

Ceramic Glaze Nail Polishes are available exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart and Pharmaprix stores across Canada.

Stephanie Dickison

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