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BABOR out of Aachen Germany is one of the best skincare companies in the world. Started in 1956 and backed by scientific research, the formulas work right away and deliver long-lasting results.

I know, because after using BABOR products, my skin is utterly youthful and luminous.

Take a closer look:

Even cleansing is a luxurious experience thanks to BABOR's unique formula.

The first thing you'll notice about Detox Lipo Cleanser is the intoxicating fresh scent. Next, the texture and temperature are different than what you're used to. This light cleansing balm is applied to the face without water (what?!). It melts into the skin and gently warms, opening your pores and removing all the impurities that have been lodged there for what seems like forever. It's a complete spa experience right in the comfort of home. 

Massage it into your skin with moistened fingers and watch as it transforms into a milky salve. Innovative formula LipoTherm and active ingredients of aloe vera and broccoli extracts help shield your skin from environmental damage and free radicals, while leaving your skin feeling profoundly clean and smooth (I call it a complete skin do-over) and exceptionally ready to absorb your skincare products.

It costs more than your usual drugstore pick, but boy is it worth it.

Wow, this feels a-m-a-z-i-n-g. 

How cool that this skin-renewing fruit acid peeling gel is the consistency of runny honey. Whether you apply it with fingers or brush, it feels decadent to slather your skin, neck and d├ęcolletage with it.

You'll feel the difference right away. 

The new Exfolimax formula contains a combination of 10% fruit acids (also known as alpha hydroxy acids/AHAs) and 10% highly effective antioxidants, including vitamin C and thiotaine (promotes skin energy and helps keep wrinkles well away). Pyruvic and lactic acids promote skin regeneration.

And it delivers instant results.

Dead skin cells get booted off, fine lines get filled in, age spots lighten and pores are minimized. Rinse after just 10 minutes, and skin looks luminous immediately. It also appears and feels smooth and younger.

Even four days later, my skin is transcendent.

- ReVersive SUPREME GLOW Anti-Aging Cream

If you want the ultimate in luxurious skincare, look no further than this stunner with the texture of a thick, whipped mousse, and the heady scent of a rose garden from essences of the BABOR black rose. Cool fact: One of the last specimens of this rare, specially cultivated rose grows in the garden of the family that owns the company.

And that's just the beginning. This high-performance cream contains revolutionary Re-Youth Complex, a precision formula exclusive for ReVersive with four active ingredients. 

Skin gets a serious reset as it evens out, firms, smooths, becomes more youthful and lustrous. 

And while you'll see vast improvements over the next few weeks, many appear right away after the first application:

- Active marine ingredients fill in wrinkles and smooth out unevenness
- Skin cell life activity is extended, making you look younger for longer
- Skin retains its elasticity
- Lumincol, extracted from microalgae, gives age spots and dark pigmentation the boot
- Glow-Tech and reflect pigments deliver an instant glow.

 I am positively radiant.


Protecting yourself against premature aging is easy thanks to BABOR Skincare. But the best part? It's downright sumptuous too.

Shop BABOR Skincare now.

Stephanie Dickison

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