Style Stick by Marcy McKenna - Stick it to Fashion Faux Pas Forever

I am not a sewer. Not even a little bit. In high school I stapled the hem of my jeans or just left the ragged, jagged edges to fray willy-nilly (shudder).

I don't even like to sew on buttons, so when I discovered Style Stick by Marcy McKenna, it was a match made in heaven.

Handy and completely portable (it's the size of lipstick), this whiz in a tube is a little glue stick for when you're need of a fast fashion fix. Temporarily close up a burst seam or smooth the gap on your blouse. You can also alter items just for the occasion - hike up your pant hem when you're in flats, and then leave them long for when you're rocking heels. The garment will stay put until your next wash or dry clean.

There have been many a time a blouse has draped open a little too much or a dress dipped too low for my comfort. This would have saved the day.

You can use on pretty much anything - cotton, blends, polyester, denim, wool, silk, and nylon. You can even use it on your skin (!) as the formula is completely non toxic, acid free, water soluble and free of any dyes or fragrances. Falling down straps - bra, dress or tank top - are now a thing of past.

The key is to make sure to apply liberally and with lots of solid pressure and for the full time recommended. It won't work if you wimp out or give up midway. Also, it needs to set for one to two minutes (up to 10 minutes for closed weaves such as fabric with a sheen, such as leather, satin, nylon, etc., and press for 30 seconds). I know it's hard to wait for these types of things, so go and check your phone, floss your teeth, or something that you've been meaning to all week. This time is a gift - don't squander it.

If it comes loose or apart, simply reapply (you probably just need to use more). And don't worry - it washes right out and won't discolour your beloved pieces. 

You can truly use Style Stick anywhere, making it the easiest, most accessible, most portable fashion first aid kit without having to touch a needle and thread.

Whether you're traveling just a few blocks or on a transcontinental flight, it's the difference between looking like your polished self and a hot mess.

Stephanie Dickison

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