Perilla Alpaca Socks - A Luxury You Can Afford & Definitely Need

While some women may be drawn to extravagances like diamonds and mansions, I'll take my luxury in the form of socks.

As someone with perpetually cold feet, finding Perilla Alpaca Socks was a dream come true.

Perilla makes the finest quality British made alpaca socks that are not just soft against the skin, but lightweight and oh so warm.

Alpaca are gentle, adorable, long-necked creatures that live in an altitude of over 3,000 metres on the Antiplano, the high mountain plateau of the Andes. They are covered in fleece that is a hollow fibre that is second only to silk for strength. You get the indulgence of cashmere feel without the hefty price tag and is much more durable. To the touch, they don't feel as soft (yet less scratchy than wool), but once you put them on - heaven.

And if you think you feel good in alpaca, just imagine how the little ones will feel. Thanks to the fleece being hypoallergenic, it's quintessential for babies or anyone who has sensitive skin.

This wonder fibre allows your feet to breath (sayonara cotton!) and naturally repels bacteria and odour, which means that you can actually wear them for weeks without washing them and they'll stay soft and odour-free.(ideal for the fellas). And get this, you can wear them in warm weather without worrying about getting all sweaty (they're so smart, they actually keep your feet cool when it's hot out) and the fibre actually improves with time, so they'll last waaaay longer than those ones that you've been buying all this time.

The process in which the socks are made is quite extraordinary and very labour intensive. From start to finish, it takes up to nine months. First, Perilla's Founder Sandra Morton imports  up to four  tonnes of the highest grade alpaca (baby) yarn a year from Peru, helping the farmers and families of the land.

Once received it gets sent to the North of England to be dyed. After the yarn has been dyed, they are transported to the factory where the socks are knitted (The toes are all hand linked, done by only three factories in England). Then it's off to another factory to be washed, dried, pressed, labeled and packed (Perilla is the only producer of yarn dyed alpaca socks). And that's all before they have made their way to you!

There is a large range of type of alpaca socks available, as well as 22 fashionable colours in all sizes including extra small.

I'd start with stocking up on the must-have Alpaca Everyday Socks. Made from 75% Alpaca, this plain knit works with most shoes, and come in knee length as well. If you are stay away from thick or bulky knits as I do, these are the socks for you. The soft and warm factor on these is through the roof. Now I understand why people don't want to ever take them off.

Then you simply have to get a whole whack of Perilla Alpaca Bed Socks (pictured above). Made from 90% baby alpaca, these soft foot warmers are a dream. The long ribbing is kept loose so they never cut into your skin or constrain) so they are uber comfortable. Plush and slouchy, they elevate everything from snuggling under the covers to curling up with a good book or a season of your current binge-worth show.

Thick Alpaca Walking Socks are a must for anyone who likes to walk or hike. Dense, terry-looped socks boasting 75% alpaca, are the toastier socks you'll ever know. And Alpaca Country Socks were made for the outdoors, thanks to a blend of 75% alpaca and 25% nylon. Knee-length, these beauties come complete with a cushioned sole, so comfort and support are built right in.

I was surprised to learn that you can machine wash them (on the 30/40°C wool cycle only please), and there's no worry about shrinking. To dry them, place them flat, away from heat.

Truthfully, I wasn't much of a sock person before Perilla. But now you find me almost always in my stunning British-made alpaca socks.

So shop Perilla now.

Also available: adorable alpaca knitted snoods, sheepskin slippers, cashmere accessories, stunning weekender/overnight bag, alpaca coat, hats, and much, much more.

Buying presents? Be sure to get some of their beautiful gift boxes.

Stephanie Dickison

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