Cami Confidential - Expand Your Entire Wardrobe with Just One Stunning Piece

Looking in my closet this week, I was aghast at how many dresses I have and how few I actually wear.

Take the black section alone - there are long sleeved, short sleeved, cap sleeved, shifts, tanks, spaghetti strapped. Sigh, I just want something that works in a multitude of ways for a multitude of occasions.

Which is why I am so excited about my new find, Cami Confidential.

Cami Confidential offers a staggering array of sleeves, camis, cardis and tops that transform your current individual wardrobe pieces into a completely new look and outfit.

You get to choose your length of sleeve (long3/4, short) and type (stretch tuille, bamboonatural soft fabric) in a host of colours, guaranteeing that you can use the same dress for multiple functions, all by simply changing the sleeves. There are high and low necklines options as well, so you can rock every look from office attire to your ensemble for date night.

It also helps cover any areas that you are not all that comfortable with. I saw a photo of myself recently - Whose arms are those? They can't be mine. They are the size of full on legs in these pics. Maybe sleeveless dresses and tops should take a backseat for awhile until I get these guys sorted out...

Which is why I am so excited with my Sophia (pictured above) that has a low neck, shiny lace and is available in both long and 3/4 sleeve. It means that I can hold onto my sleeveless dresses and tops for the moment and add this in either until I've got rockin' guns or I simply want to extend my wardrobe pieces. I'm going to do both.

Not only am I thrilled to have found such a great invention, but one that is so exquisitely designed. The neckline and baseline are both stretchy elastic that never pinch or dig in and even the lace itself is crazy springy and flexible (94% poly, 6% elastane), and so light, so it's like wearing the most comfortable dance wear (you'll wish all your clothes felt like this and no doubt, because it's so freeing to look and feel this good, you'll probably break out and bust some moves at some point).

The top naturally fits just under your bra line without having to tug it into place (how many times have you spent an evening out pulling your underthings down and around?) and because it's tucked into place and made of thin lace, it never bulges or bulks up your clothing, so go ahead and wear your slimmest, tightest top or dress - no one will ever be the wiser. p.s. if you want a tighter fit on the shoulder, pull the elastic neckline under the bust like your shaper tops.

The lace has a large intricate floral pattern integrated with tiny, delicate netting, so you can dress it up or down. And one of my favourite features? The scalloped edging at the sleeves. So beautiful, so delicate and so feminine. And they fall away just slightly from my wrists, making it look more like a real designer top or dress than may already be crowding your closet.

Not only has Yvonne Gillon, Director/Designer of Cami Confidential created the most essential item in your wardrobe, the couture designer constantly adds colours and fabrics to the collection, and if you want to closely match a dress or top, please ask and she will do our utmost to help. She is also "very happy to send swatches." Yvonne also offers a Bespoke Service.

Sleeves attached to a minimal bodice that sits easily under a dress or top in stretch lace, tuille, poly/elastane, micro modal, micro viscose or bamboo, might not be something you thought you needed, but oh, you really, really do.

One of every style and in every colour. So shop Cami Confidential now.

Stephanie Dickison

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