Cane+Austin Retexture Pads - Give Your Skin a Reboot with These Miracle Wipes

If you haven't tried Cane+Austin Advanced Skincare Products yet, you absolutely must.

They are formulated with a unique glycolic acid, pharmaceutical-grade BTW, derived from sugar cane. This means that you get an extra deep clean and more vigorous treatment without any harsh ingredients, scrubbing  or painful, pricey doctor appointments required.

The Cane+Austin 10% Retexture Pad, for example, is a one step, at-home facial treatment that look and feel exactly like a wet wipe (like the ones you get when you order chicken wings). But these are so much more powerful. 

The daily-use treatment peel boosted with vitamins A & C is so easy to use - you simply grab a pre-moistened pad and wipe that clean mug of yours (avoiding the eyes of course) from forehead to chin, morning and night (for those with sensitive skin, use once daily for the first week, then increase to twice daily). There is mention there might be tingling, but I didn't experience any. Paraben and fragrance free, there's the faintest whiff of witch hazel but only if you inhale deeply, and it lasts a mere second or two, that's all.

You don't have to do any work at all - the peel pad does all the heavy lifting. And don't let the term "peel" scare you. The ingredients a simply work to slough away all your dry skin, but it's all done without irritation. In fact, you probably won't feel a thing like I did, except the dramatic difference in how smooth it feels and how extraordinary it feels afterwards.

In addition to the amazing retexturizing that your skin gets without expensive gadgets or scary tools at the doctor's office (phew), your skin gets a boost of hydration and collagen. Your skintone evens out and brightens. And all those aging problems you've been battling like fine lines, wrinkles, and even age spots? Done. Gone. Buh-bye,

After the first try, my skin's texture changed dramatically - from dry and rough to silky smooth in seconds. It also brightened as if I was being lit by a selfie light. By the end of the first week, my skin looked amazing naked (Which is why I really need to try the 10% Body Retexture Pad next).

It's rare to find such a low maintenance product that delivers such serious results. Just wipe your face and get on with your day, all the while looking better, looking younger. 

Whether you require daily upkeep or just want a quick resurfacing every once in awhile, Cane+Austin 10% Retexture Pad is a beauty must.

Stephanie Dickison

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