Yu-Be Skin Care - Japan's Soft Skin Secret Since 1957

If you battle dry skin like I do, you need to get yourself Yu-Be.

This Japanese skincare line has been going since 1957. Invented by pharmacist Yoshikiyo Nowatari, the emollient rich cream is filled with nourishing, moisturizing ingredients including glycerin and sodium hyaluronate (help retain moisture), and vitamins such as B2 (smooths out rough skin) and E. 

Your skin gets blanketed in a rich layer of hydration that  is non-greasy, and quickly absorbed yet you feel the benefits all day long (take that biting minus windchill!). Yu-Be is so effective, it's been used by mountain climbers combat the extreme winds and sub-zero temps on Mount Everest.

The line includes different products, but all have been designed to moisturize and heal your skin. You can use it on your face, body, hands, heels, elbows, ears... it works everywhere.

And you'll be relieved to know that they don't contain any artificial colours, fragrances, oils, petroleum or SPF. You'll also note the refreshing, invigorating smell of camphor.  Having grown up with Vicks VapoRub and Noxema cream, I find the camphor scent comforting, but I know not everyone is a fan. But don't worry, you'll only detect it upon application. After that, whoosh - you can't smell a thing.

Here's a closer look at their amazing products:

This is where it all started. This thick yellow cream (the colour comes from the use of vitamin B2) will soon become the staple that you can't live without. It goes on like a dream and works right away, yet there's no greasy after effect so you can swipe on your phone/tablet seconds after application.

But you'll feel the effects all day long. I felt a massive difference in how hydrated my skin feels from morning to night, no matter whether I put it on my face or my feet. It feels A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

And note - you don't need much. A little goes a very long way, so it lasts and lasts unlike that bottle from the drugstore that you bought just two weeks ago and is already near empty.

- Yu-Be Moisturizing Body Lotion

The same formula as above but in a lighter lotion, so it just glides on. It's phenomenal. I apply it just out of the shower or when I'm at my desk and need a little added moisture on my hands, neck, etc. It leaves my skin feeling silky and satiny.

- Yu-Be Foaming Skin Polish

Exfoliation should be as important a step in your skincare regimen as cleansing, toning and moisturizing. You've got to get rid of all that dry, rough skin to reveal the renewed skin underneath.

This foaming skin polish is one of the best exfoliators I've ever used.

Instead of using microbeads that are destroying our land and oceans, fine grains of rice and bamboo gently scrub away layers of age [FYI - they also went to town on the blackheads around my nose (from wearing glasses all the time), which other products claimed to do, but never have effectively].

The foaming action adds a layer of fun and the scent of mingling green tea, geranium oil and camphor is clean and vivacious. If you want to feel like you're at a spa, this is it.

The best part? My skintone was evened out after just one try (extracts of ginger root and ginseng tone and balance the skin) and my skin was so soft and smooth, I didn't put a stitch of makeup on before heading out the door.

- Yu-Be Lip Balm

Whether it's the end of winter or middle of summer, you're going to want to keep this balm at your side.

Just like Yu-Be's cream and lotion, your lips get treated to a wallop of hydration and smoothness. Various oils (soybean, sweet almond and coconut), beeswax, shea butter, aloe vera and leaf extracts of stevia and rosemary all work to immediately give you relief from dry skin. And the camphor adds a fresh mint feel.

Yu-Be Skincare is a must, so shop now.

Stephanie Dickison

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