The Knot Dr. - A Brush with Greatness

The Knot Dr. carries a lineup of 10 products.

This is because you need more than one brush. And you need the ones that are right for your hair. 

The Knot Dr. says, "Using the right brush for the right circumstance can mean the difference between breaking your hair or gently removing knots. " 

The correct brush can also add shine, smoothness, create volume and help you style your hair to its fullest.

I have thin locks but a whole whack of them, and while detangling has never been a huge issue for me, I have found that as I get older and my hair thins, the more tangled it becomes. I also have an extremely sensitive scalp, so while many of my friends were brushing their beautiful mane 100 times a night, I could only brush mine quickly first thing in the morning.

 The Knot Dr. PhD Hybrid Styler has changed all of that. Here's how:

- The soft epoxy massage tips on the 140 bristles glide across my scalp without scraping or burning. The flexible but stiff bristles are practically undetectable, yet my hair styles beautifully. I am fascinated by how such an effective brush can be so weightless on my hair.

- The slim polycarbonate body is sturdy with a soft rubber finish that feels so good, I want to recover all of my belongings in it. The ergonomic handle is comfy without any harsh edges. I like the smaller shape - it fits in everywhere from the bathroom vanity to my carry-on. And it's durable, so it can withstand the bumpy rides on planes, trains and long road trips.

- It's heat resistant which means it will put up with my almost daily blowdrying (if you saw my hair on its own, you'd understand the need for serious tools).

- It comes in a host of colour combinations - Ivory Cabernet | Kit,  Ebony Cabernet | Kit, Ivory Sharkskin | Kit, Ebony Sharkskin Kit.

- Because The Knot Dr. PhD Hybrid Styler is so weightless and painless, I now brush my hair multiple times a day.

That's a first.

Stephanie Dickison

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