The Gussy - Protect Your Bag Against the Elements

The Gussy is a smart, stylish waterproof protective cover for your most coveted bags and purses. After all, since you've spent a small fortune on your beloved designer bag, you don't want a venture out in the rain or snow to mar it in anyway. Your bag was built to last, certainly, but perhaps not in this type of weather.

The weather has become so treacherous in fact, previous methods to keep torrential snow and rain and salt stains no longer suffice.

The large cover looks like a suit bag cut in half (and waaay cuter) and comes with three flaps that attach with velcro. Made of a sturdy yet lightweight fabric, it fits right over your purse (it's designed to work with most purses that have some kind of handle including cross-body bags, hobos, totes, and anything with a top handle) with the handle easily accessible at all times. The playful and fashionable patterns allow you to express your style while keeping your bag under careful wraps until you reach your destination. 

I am crushing hard on Charlotte. Because it really doesn't get much better than that, does it? 

I also adore the always chic blue and white polka dots sported by Meredith, and the blue and white chevron on Jenny that is everywhere right now. Plus they look so smashing next to your coat whether your rocking a classic camel trench, navy blue peacoat, grey wraparound or fitted black parka.

While your friends show up to the restaurant with soaked bags in hand, you can feel confident that The Gussy will always have your back. And purse.

Stephanie Dickison

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