NEUMA Hair Care - Award-Winning Sustainable Hair Products That ROCK

It goes to show that you don't have to have products filled with chemicals to make them rock your world.

NEUMA Hair Care is one of the most extraordinary lines I've ever tried and there's not a trace of aluminum compounds, carcinogens, formaldehyde donors, glycols, glutens, neurotoxins, parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrance, sulfates, ureas, or 1,4-dioxane anywhere.

Essential oils are used in the place of synthetic fragrances, not only infusing your hair with the most luscious scents, they help repair your locks naturally.

And for those of use who have coloured our mane, often reducing it to a brittle and dull mess, NEUMA has a proprietary colour protection system that includes Phyto Colour Complex and Phyto UV Shield that work to brighten your hair and enhance its hues.

No matter which product I used, each NEUMA item left my hair silky soft, smooth and shiny. I always looked like I'd just stepped out of the salon. 

There are seven lines - neuSmooth, reNeu, neuMoisture, neuVolume, neuStyling, neuControl and neuRepair - and I fell for each one hard and fast. I can't name a fave because they all made my hair so much better than it is IRL, but here's a quick close up of each one:

These are both winter lifesavers (when you're hair is outta control from all the hot dry air inside and below freezing temps outside) and summer must-haves (when your usually restrained mane is suddenly frizz city and completely unruly).

Need a total do-over? This is like an CTRL ALT DELETE reboot for your hair. It gets it back into shape, before you started abusing it with harsh chemicals, heat and colour.

A zesty, minty fragrance (think Aero mint chocolate bar) revives and rejuvenates. Not just your hair, I assure you - I was practicing for The Voice on the days I used it. 

And I can't say enough about reNeu Scalp Therapy. It gently exfoliates with tiny granules. Your whole head is renewed. Amazing.

The guardian angel of products for those of us that just want to be drenched in hydration. Ridding your hair of build up, it leaves it clean and oh-so much more manageable. 

A fresh milk and pepper kind of scent soothes.

I have a very thick head of hair though the strands themselves are very thin, so I always veer away from volume products, but neuVolume Shampoo & Condition add fullness, which is a very different thing.

My hair went from tragic to defined. Now I say turn the volume up. Way up, if it's NEUMA.

p.s. I can't quite figure out the scent on this one, but I know that I wish it was in a bottle. I'd daub it on my wrists and behind my ears before date night.

- neuStyling 

I love that many of their styling products work on both wet and dry hair. The possibilities are endless! 

1. My short do is transformed with the neuStyling Texturizer.
2. I look so much more pulled together thanks to neuStyling Smoothing crรจme.
3. Prep time just got majorly reduced thanks to neuStyling Blow Dry Lotion, which means you've now got more time on your hands to do what you like with. 

The thick gel feels so good both in your hands and on your hair and the heady bohemian scent is still clean and fresh. 

Use it on dry hair to help to strengthen hair and add shine. It's a great tamer and it adds real UV protection so take it on vacay or when you're heading out without a hat. Add to damp locks to reduce drying time and to keep strands healthy. 

NEUMA Hair Care products are available only at salons and destination spas. Find one near you now and have the hair you've always dreamed of.

Stephanie Dickison

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