CLEAN Reserve - Knock Your Socks Off Luxe Fragrances Made with Raw & Sustainable Ingredients

The CLEAN RESERVE PHILOSOPHY is simple. They are making a choice: 

- To change the way you experience fragrance. 
- To create a collection that highlights your individuality. 
- To tap into their perfumers’ reserve of raw ingredients. 
- To actively engage in eco-conscious sustainability. 
- To remove the clutter, heaviness, and complexity– so all you’re left with is CLEAN. 

Think about it - if you've gone to the trouble of switching over your home and beauty products to ones without chemicals, why wouldn't you do it with your perfume too?

There are nine scents in the collection: 

- Reserve Blends of its most popular traditional scents: Skin, Rain and Warm Cotton

Each scent is considered unisex and was created with leading fragrance houses Takasago, Mane and Firmenish with can be worn on its own or personalized by blending with another scent. 

Everything about the perfume is sustainable - from the ingredients used to the manufacturing facility that uses 100% solar energy,  he 100% recyclable bottle to its cap (made of of wood from certified sustainably managed forests in Spain). Even the alcohol is sustainable, thanks to being derived from corn. All the paper is FSC. 

One of the most unique aspects of the scents? They added aloe to the formula to give your skin a little added boost. Why hasn't anyone else thought of this?

Also, I love that no matter what scents they've created, the perfumes always smell pure and clean.

Here's a closer look at the two scents I tried, which incidentally can also be paired:

Inspired by a world renewed and refreshed after a lush rainfall, Harry Fremont, Perfumer, Firmenich says "“Enriched with watery florals and lush patchouli, this sophisticated fragrance captures the magical mist that touches upon everything in the rainforest.”

It's a complex, captivating scent that gently pulls you in and holds you close. It has soft floral notes of       dewy water lily and moist white flowers, with a fresh burst of citrus of bergamot and a tranquility that comes from chilled cucumber. The warm patchouli and responsibly sourced Haitian Vetiver adds depth and an inviting sexiness, yet remains always and forever just-out-of-the-shower squeaky clean. 

A linen closet that's filled with thick duvets, thin cotton sheets, and elegantly wrapped bars of soap. Sun-soaked wood floors filled with bare feet scurrying, laughter ringing throughout the house. 

This scent is pure joy and sunshine and smells like clean laundry that's still warm from the dryer or just pulled in off the line.

Sweet benzoin resin is extracted through eco-conscious methods in partnership with Southeast Asian farmers. 

Top notes of aldehydic (think pure soap and a squeeze a lemon), ginger, watery, and ozonic snug next to effervescent mint and green, with a tingly note of pepper and a soft hint of floral cotton accord. A dreamy allure is added through musk, incense and vetiver, never weighing down the sparkly, crisp and refreshing cleanliness that is new and nostalgic all at once.

Oomph, CLEAN Reserve is phenomenal.

The CLEAN Reserve Collection is available exclusively at and

Stephanie Dickison

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