BreezeBronze Towels - Fresh Towels Always, No Matter How Much You Sweat

Do you ever feel like no matter how much you wash your towels, they never get really clean? That deep odours linger in the fibres?

After a long workout session or cleaning the house from top to bottom, you're bound to get grubby. But that doesn't mean your towels have to.

Leave it to the Japanese to create BreezeBronzean odour-removing towel. The lovely folks of Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo have created towels that use ionization bonds - molecules embedded into the fabric itself - to break down and eliminate odours more than 99%. Backed by a ton of scientific research, it even goes up against harsh smelling products such as ammonia.

It  works so well in fact that it has been adopted by workers in severe working conditions, including the submarine of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force.

And while it can't quell man-made smells such as perfumes and cigarette smoke, BreezeBronze does go to work on practically everything else. And here's the thing - while many odour removers are temporary, BreezeBronze Towels are long-lasting and reusable. Note: to keep these towels smelling fresh, be sure to steer clear of using softeners in the wash and and when handing to dry, remove the creases and wrinkles as much as possible.

They are made in Ehime Prefecture’s Imabari City in Japan,  a town famous for the best high quality towels in Japan. Materials such as ozone-bleached fibers and  high-grade cotton are carefully woven dyed and sewn carefully by local, skilled craftsmen in the local factory.

Soft and quite sumptuous, the towels always smell lovely and clean, with no lingering chemical or artificial scents. The owners also attribute "Imabari’s sunlight, water, air, humidity and temperature" as "perfect for creating towels."

No matter how many times I've left it damp on the bathroom counter (as a test I assure you, not because I would ever do this in real life), it always smells as if it's just been brought in from the line. It's truly remarkable.

You'll want to switch all of your towels to BreezeBronze.

Stephanie Dickison

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