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Soon I will celebrate one year of running. 

I came late to the game, and though I am by no means a natural, I absolutely love it. 

That doesn't mean it's easy, but my amazing running instructor Elizabeth who is smart, vibrant and so very positive, made all the difference. 

And now so will 2XU (US site).

I'm sure many of the people shopping at 2XU are running marathons and shooting off into long trails, returning home in record time. Perhaps that will be me one day, but it took me months to go from running for a few minutes to doing 5k runs once or twice a week (I'd never run before this).

Now that I know what I'm doing (thanks in large part to Elizabeth), I want to something a little more, a little longer, a little harder. And I'm going to need some gear to help me reach my goals. 

In my introduction to running and having worked out over the years, I have learned the importance of the right gear and choosing technical materials that fit well over anything else. The difference it makes is everything. 

So I went in search of clothes that would keep me warm during the winter months, yet allow me room to run and breathe. Clothes that could take me to the next level. 

I found it all in 2XU. 

Check out the amazing gear I tried:

I am completely fascinated by this material. The 2XU micro polyester is soft and bouncy with a slightly rubbery feel and a crisp sound like hotel sheets. It's so thin and lightweight that you'll barely notice it's on (read: great for layering too). 

You're going to wish all of your clothes came with sonic seam edges. They are made so there's no bumps or ridges - you don't feel them at all. No rubbing, no chafing, just unbelievable comfortable.

The swooping racerback shows off strong shoulders and scooped front and back hem ensure it lays flat. 

It swings out to hit all your curves without actually clinging to them. So it moves with you, not against you, which is important especially when you're hitting your stride. And the extra length gives you added coverage (which means you don't have to keep tugging it down as you run, which is harder than it sounds), which is never a bad thing. So it is super flattering. 

Reflective trim means you can stay visible no matter how before dawn or late into the run you decide to head out for a run. Premium moisture control means that even if you're working up a sweat, it will keep it's cool (ideal for other sports such as spinning, kettlebell, yoga, and any fitness class you can think of).

It's so freaking comfortable and fashionable (slanted stripes go with everything), you'll wear it just out for fun this summer.

It comes in two colours - the one I tried Printed Denim Wash, and Printed Pink Flame.

If you only get one fitness jacket in your lifetime, it should be this one.

The feel alone is dreamy. Similar to the tank above, it's thin and light and got a soft crinkle sound that I love.

The design though, is cutting edge - it used a 5:10 XSTRETCH membrane throughout the body for flexibility, and VAPOR+ SHINE waterproof technology on the elbows (elbow patches are always a fashion forward touch) and stylish upper back panel. It protects against the wind too, which as you may have noticed can be as brutal as rain or snow.

One of things you always want in a jacket is warmth sure, but breathability too. This beauty is so streamlined, you'll look like a fitness pro even if you're a beginner like me. The high collar has a cinch toggle at the back and adjustable Velcro sleeve tabs allow you to securely keep the cold air outside where it belongs. 

And pockets - I can never have enough pockets on a run. I have my phone in one and keys and other essentials in the other. But what if I want to bring or pick up something else? This jacket comes with three pockets -two front side and one back zip pockets. Hallelujah!

The best part of this jacket? It's not just your best running mate - it works in everyday life too,

I told you it was seriously stylin'.

To keep me warm this winter, I am enveloped in these amazing tights.

When I imagined thermal tights, I imagined thick pants. These don't feel much thicker than any other workout gear I have and the brushed interior is so soft I could live in them.

Designed to improve blood circulation and protect abductor, glute, quad, hamstring and calf muscles, this is just about the most powerful compression you can get (p.s. they worked with world athletes and institutions to create the optimal balance of power, weight and flexibility). All of this engineering means that you get a better warm up and faster recovery/less muscle soreness after your run/workout.

The nylon/elastane material is made with high gauge elastomeric (fancy) yarns and medical grade circular knit structure. What this all means is that while these tights are meant to go on tight, they stretch to remain always and forever flexible. Talk about comfortable. And they wick away moisture and keep you dry.

Why don't all pants come with this comfort power wide waistband with powermesh for a smooth and streamlined fit? Seriously, I look almost a size smaller. And the flatlock seams means you never feel them. Anything you can do to keep chafing happening is always a good thing. 

And I love the HYOPTIK reflective logos. While they may serve the purpose for better visibility especially in low light conditions, the big x's that swath my one calf and other thigh are seriously stunning.

An added bonus? Antibacterial and UPF50+ sun protection.

Yes, these tights seriously have it all.

- Winter Long Range VECTR Sock

Best. Socks. Ever.

Wow, I didn't know socks could feel like this. My feet feel so enveloped, cushioned and pampered all at once.

It's as if they're wrapped in a tensor bandage - comfier thanks to the amazing X:LOCK Support System that grips your foot tightly but never uncomfortably. I have pointy, bony feet so there are always gaps in the regular square designs that most brands make but thanks to the extreme stretch, there's no bunching or rolling of extra material. And it's made to optimize your footstrike and push off technique. The merino/nylon blend feels superb and not only has an ergonomic fit (read: no more calluses or blisters), the yarn is made to help regulate your temperature and keep moisture at bay, even in cool conditions.

They're antimicrobial, come with dry mesh panels to keep your feet cool and dry, and have a propulsion pad that cushions your foot.

These are the most high tech socks I've ever owned. 

They are made to make me run better. Can you say that about your socks?

2XU is the best place to get your gear whether you're a beginner like me or an old pro, so shop now.

p.s. An injury has left me unable to run at the moment, so I tested this gear out in the cold and at home exercising and working up a sweat without having to involve my injury. I can't wait to run again.

Stephanie Dickison

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