Tacuin - A Stunner of a Notebook & Eco-Friendly to Boot

It's not very often that you see people writing in great notebooks anymore. 

But those of us who do are very particular about what we use. Sure we'll jot down notes on a raggedy pad or take down information in a cheap spiral notebook, but when we get down to it - writing from the heart, writing what really matters - it's got to be in a "good" notebook. 

The brand new Tacuin Notebook, created and designed by graphic designer Katrin Z├╝lch, has been so carefully thought out and constructed that all you have to do is write to your heart's content.

I find the size ideal (5.8″ x 8.3,″ Large A5) - big enough to get your ideas down, but not too big to be bulky or intimidating (Oh no, I have to fill every inch of the page - what every writer thinks at one time or another. Also our biggest nightmare).

The hard cover comes in three colours - red, black and beige - and has a very unique texture and look. Soft like microsuede and covered with fingerprint-esque ridges, it feels good in the hand. So good in fact, you won't be stashing this beauty in your bag anytime soon. Oh no, this one is handheld all the way. And you'll be surprised to learn that the velvety feel is, not in fact velvet or suede, but 100% biodegradable, flocked paper. Now that's just plain awesome.

As it the paper. The creamy, thin paper is FSC® certified, as well as free of acid and elemental chlorine. It's fantastic to write on - so smooth. If only all paper could be like this. And it's made to last. Which means that as you're filling up the 192 lined or unlined pages, be rest assured that your memories, thoughts and impressions will last for generations to come.

You can also see the incredible quality in the thread binding. Just look at those impeccable stitches. You can open and close your notebook a gajillion times and it will stand up to the wear and tear, so go ahead and show off your prose!

The marker ribbon is a lovely touch that I don't often think about until I get a notebook with one and I think, ooh, I could have really used that in the last five notebooks I filled up (as a full-time writer, it doesn't take me too long either).

What makes this book so extraordinary is threefold:

1. You'd be hard pressed to find such an exquisite book that's as environmentally conscious as this one.
2. The passion and dedication that Katrin has for this project is heartwarming, both in her campaign on Indigogo as well as in her video
3. Everything about this book was carefully thought out and designed. The weight, the materials, the feel, the look. Katrin wants this to be something you fall in love with.

Without her story, the Tacuin Notebook is just a beautiful place to capture ideas. With her story, it's a legacy. And a truly beautiful place to capture ideas.

The notebook will be available in the next few weeks at the online shop. Each notebook will be 29,90 Euro.

You can email Katrin at info@tacuin.com in the interim or to find out more.

Stephanie Dickison

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