Swiss Line Cell Shock 360° Anti Wrinkle Serums - This Year Turn Back the Clock for Good

I freakin' love Swiss Line by Dermalab. I have been using their made in Switzerland products for years, starting back in 2009. Then I tried Cell Shock Total-Life Overnight Serum, and the Force Vitale line. They are part of the reason I have been able to maintain such a youthful appearance.

While I'm no academic, I do enjoy reading about all the science that goes into developing their products. Using cutting-edge ingredients (soluble collagen, a collagen boosting peptide, botanical sprout cells from argan trees, hyaurolonic acid, marine ingredients including red algae) and techniques, their skincare products are always effective and results are practically immediate.

Take their Cell Shock 360° Anti-Wrinkle Eye Zone Serum Triple-Collagen Infusion and 360º Anti-Wrinkle Serum Triple Collagen Complex, for instance. Cellactel 2, the signature anti-aging complex in all Cell Shock products, is formulated to "accelerate cellular metabolism and increase collagen and elastin production."  What that translates to is that your skin gets tightened, renewed and wrinkles filled in all practically before you've poured your morning coffee. It's incredible. So while these products might have a heftier price tag than your usual go-tos, you'll get results and fast

Here's a closer look:

These serums are much thinner than I'm used to, but boy do they hydrate.

I love saturating my eye area with this bright, floral-scented, slightly shimmery liquid. They instantaneously feel moisturized and completely nourished (usually you have to wait for your eye cream to sink in for this effect)  and the scent is exhilarating.

Dark circles are a pretty recent battle for me, and I couldn't be in better hands. Even after just a few days of use, no matter how late I've gone to bed, my dark circles are fading. And those deep creases and wrinkles that have been showing up like an unwelcome guest crashing a party? They get filled in and smoothed out so that I look as young as I feel.

Cell Shock 360º Anti-Wrinkle Serum Triple Collagen Complex

This too has a heavenly botanical scent. Who doesn't want to wake up and go to bed with this?!

Not just one or two, but three collagen complexes go to work on increasing your own collagen production, giving you plump, smooth skin that gets infused with intense moisture. Which is ideal for both my dry skin and this crazy winter weather.

Fiercely hydrated (like dunking your face in a pool of water, but the feeling lasts all day) and seriously protected, no matter how low the temperatures dip outside my skin has a youthful, flawless appearance.

So don't spend this winter indoors waiting for your products to sink in, to see results. Get younger, smoother skin in a flash with Swiss Line Cell Shock 360° Anti Wrinkle Serums. Shop now. 

p.s. You should also know how great the bottles are. They're sleek and gold-coloured so they make your bathroom counter look mighty swank. The glass eye dropper gets filled by just a press of the white button on top and you can see how much you have left by the glass window on the side. If only every company thought of these things.

Stephanie Dickison

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