Sania's Brow Bar Angled Mechanical Brow Pencil - This Changes Everything

Having well-manicured brows changes everything. Your eyebrows frame your whole face and once you have shaped and defined them, the new thicker arches not only make your eyes pop, they also help to make you look younger.

Regular pencils can make your brows look cartoony and fake, and powders always appear uneven.

Sania Vucetaj, NYC brow expert to the stars (Rihanna and Sarah Jessica Parker, to name just a few) created the foolproof Angled Mechanical Brow Pencil that allows you to outline and fill in your eyebrows in a way that looks completely natural.  

The easy and comfortable to hold double-ended pencil features the pencil at one end, spooled brush on the other. 

First, outline your brows, not extending beyond your natural hairline. The angled pencil and soft formulation allows you to follow your brows with ease - it glides the whole way! Turn it so that the angle tip of the pencil matches the angle of the area you're drawing on - and then with your pencil turned on an angle,  fill in the sparse areas with short, light strokes. Don't worry if it appears a little dark at first - you're going to lighten them up in a moment.

Take the spooled brush and brush your brows towards your forehead. Not only does this lighten everything, it makes it seem like your plumper arches are your own - completely smooth and natural. 

The wide-tipped pencil gives you a softer line than the harsh ones you're used to with regular pencils and the creamy texture works better than a powder to fill where you need it most and so evenly, no one will ever know you've done a thing! The angled tip is the key - it keeps everything in line, no matter what.

Fascinating that the first ingredient is hydrogenated soybean oil (other ingredients include hydrogenated vegetable oil and carnauba wax), and I adore that you don't ever have to sharpen it - hallelujah! 

- Light for blondes, redheads and light brunettes
- Medium for light to dark brown hair and auburn shades
- Dark for very dark brown, black and grey hair

Each pencil includes a luxurious puffy white cinch pouch in a very pretty white box with gold lettering and  soft teal filagree.

Sania's Brow Bar Angled Mechanical Brow Pencil is the best eyebrow tool I have ever used. I am completely addicted to it - even if I don't do a lot of makeup otherwise, I now always, always, always do my Sania brows. 

Stephanie Dickison

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