Reversa - NEW Revolutionary Anti-Aging & Sun Protection All in One

I'm sorry but I expect a lot out of my beauty products these days.

I need them to multitask because I don't remember to do all the skincare regimens and THEN add sunscreen. Sorry, but my brain is full of other tasks like taking my vitamins, returning work emails, writing thank you notes, and all all of the other daily must-dos that rack my brain day and night. I need something that works double-time like I do. I need skincare products that can step up to the challenge.

Reversa is one of the best lines you can ask for. It does double triple-duty, never questioning, never asking why. It's militant in its resolve - we are going to tackle your skin issues, sir, yes sir! It battles everything - wrinkles, brown spots, acne spots, dull appearance - and as if that weren't enough, adds radiance, smoother appearance, and skin cell renewal.

It's like having your own personal skin boot camp. It doesn't have to be this way. You can change things.

Take a look:

One of the best parts of my morning is putting on NEW Reversa Radiance Cream SPF 30. Because I know that:

- all of those brown spots that have been starting to sprinkle their way across my face
- all those wrinkles that are encroaching on my already small eyes and mouth (sigh)
- my skintone that has always had a mind of its own 
- and the lack of any radiance whatsoever (unless a tall, handsome fella is nearby)

It's all taken care of with one fell swoop of this stunning cream. AND it offers broad spectrum protection against UVA/UVB sun rays, which as you know are as lethal in wintertime as in the warmer months.

Using a powerful blend of vitamin C, rumex occidentalis extract and glycolic acid (it's all so highly scientific, but trust me, you want it all), this amazing cream is light, but rich and nourishing . While there is no perfume, it has a whisper of freshness that I find completely revitalizing, and it sinks right in, meaning you can apply your makeup right after (because who was time to wait for your face to dry? You've got people to see, deals to make, papers to sign!). This all-in-one simultaneously nurtures and hydrates not just upon application but throughout the day (whatever, dry office and bitter wind chill) and has a Time-Release Glyco-Comfort System, ensuring those with sensitive skin are taken care of.

No matter how late a night I've had (and trust me, I've been pulling all-nighters lately), this cream gives my skin a youthfulness and buoyancy it hasn't seen since my - cough - twenties. 

Like a deadbeat lover, you don't need to hang onto those wrinkles just because they've been around for awhile. Just say sayonara and good riddance and be done with it already. Life is too short for anything that's not working for you, whether it's a lazy partner or crow's feet. 

And those wrinkles aren't doing anyone any favours, so get on it with the phenomenal NEW Reversa Anti-Wrinkle Cream SPF 30.

If your issues could take up a whole radio call-in show - wrinkles, brown spots, dry skin, protection from the sun - you need this. With a whopping 8% alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) (also known as glycolic acid), your skin gets simultaneous exfoliation (see ya old, dry skin) and and increase in the renewal of skin cells. This means healthy skin appears more quickly, giving you the sunny appearance (read: smooth, younger looking skin) to match your outlook.

The formula is silky soft, without a tinge of greasiness, and absorbs upon application. Sigh. A complete dream.

- NEW Reversa Corrective Night Cream

If you're not slathering on a age-fighting cream on your way to bed - or at least while you Netflix and chill - you are missing out. Especially when NEW Reversa Corrective Night Cream does all the hard work and heavy lifting.

I could get all scientific with it, but what you need to know it that it uses a whole whack of skin-rebuilding essentials to get your skin back to what it used to be before the sun, age, environment, etc. got involved. It goes to work on your wrinkles, spots, and gets your skin cell renewal amped up. It does it all.

And get this - the texture is quite thin and smooth (and as you may have guessed by now, absent of any oiliness) and soaks in in a snap, so you won't feel weighed down like with some night creams (Luke, I am your father).  And boy does it hydrate and moisturize. Vitamin E, provitamin B5 and glycerin plump up your skin that's been exposed to all this cold weather, high winds and moisture-sucking, dry heating this winter.

Once you try it, you'll be hooked.

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Stephanie Dickison

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