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The need for new socks and underwear always happens suddenly. You think everything's fine and then each pair you pull out ends up having a hole, fraying edges or appears dingy even though they've just come right from the dryer.

This must happen at least every year or two (didn't I just buy new ones, you continually ask yourself) and it always occurs at the worst time. When worlds are colliding, when you couldn't possibly spare any extra time to go off and look through bins and racks of undies that at the end of the day, all ends up looking and feeling the same.

In the last three months, I've made countless trips and visited various stores from boutique to big-box looking for comfy undies that were still pretty and didn't cost a fortune ($65?I know I have expensive taste, but I certainly don't have the budget to go along with it). I left not only empty-handed but disillusioned - where are all the pretty panties, for godsakes?

It turns out they're currently residing at Panty By Post, a phenomenal service out of Vancouver, British Columbia, where you pick your line (choose from Everyday Basics, Signature Line, Premium Luxe, Naughty But Nice, and Bra & Panty Matching Sets), put in your style likes (briefs only, thongs only, and surprise me) and size (xs to xxl - thank you for including us all) and schedule how often you'd like to receive them (they are set to come once a month, but you can let them know if you prefer certain days). You can also shop their carefully curated Gift Shop if you prefer, where you can also pick up stuff for the fellas. Then expect them to arrive at your doorstep (or someone else's if your gifting them) on the scheduled date.

This is the life.

Who has the time to go running around looking for undies?

I also love the element of surpise. You have no idea what undie you're going to get, but since you've entered your preferences of style along with your size, you are bound to get something up your alley. And preferably, something you might not have necessarily picked out yourself, but fits right in with your style and wadrobe.

My pair arrived wrapped in a decorated envelope with red tissue paper and a little card inside. It really feels like a present. They're just what I wanted - stretchy (82%lycra/18% blend) with a wide band of lace just underneath the top. Pretty and functional. 

And here's the best part - they're burgundy, a colour I would have never chosen myself. Not that there's anything wrong with it, it's just not a hue I wear often. So the made by Pretty By Post undies (other brand names are also available) stand out from the rest  and are now one of my faves, one of the ones I pull right from the dryer because I want to wear them again as soon as possible.

My goal this year is to have only fantastic underwear. Not just requisite pairs, not ones that are just okay, but undies that I love, that make me feel fabulous.

Mission accomplished so far, thanks to Panty By Post.

Stephanie Dickison

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