Luster Power White Deep Stain Eraser Fluoride Toothpaste - White Teeth No Matter What

In addition to coffee and wine, did you know that tea, sports drinks, soft drinks and acidic foods such as tomatoes, berries, and pomegranates can stain your teeth? 

It's become a daily battle to keep your teeth pearly white. And let's face it - those drugstore brands that claim to whiten your teeth? They clearly aren't doing a good enough job, otherwise you wouldn't be searching for alternatives. And who wants to mess around with strips and trays? Don't you have more pressing things to do?

That's why you've got to get to get yourself Luster Power White Deep Stain Eraser Fluoride Toothpaste. Using a specific amount of active dental peroxide, you get a safe and effect whitening without tooth sensitivity - something that I have battled in the past with other whitening toothpastes. I mean, what's the point of having whiter teeth if you wince every time you eat or drink anything? Here's the proof - I just brushed my teeth and followed immediately with an ice cold drink. No pain or sensitivity.  

Luster's fluoride toothpaste uses gentler ingredients - mild cleansing agents, plant-based glycerin and therapeutic-grade essential oils - and doesn't use sulfates. You'll feel the difference as well as see the immense change right away.

I had a few stubborn stains that had lingered no matter how much I'd used whiteners in the past. Luster Power White Deep Stain Eraser Fluoride Toothpaste removed them within the week. After sipping on a glass or two of a fabulous cabernet or taste testing beet salads, I am able to get my choppers back to pristine condition.

Not relying on just the one amazing feat, Luster takes it up a notch by also fighting the bacteria that causes bad breath and helps keep cavities at bay.  

I don't have to use it every day, but it's definitely my go-to before date night, TV appearances and anything else where I want to look my very best. 

And my favourite part? I can eat and drink everything I want to without having to worry about them staining my teeth, which with my job as restaurant critic and food writer, is a complete relief. Bring on the wine and blackberry pie!

Shop Luster Power White Deep Stain Eraser Fluoride Toothpaste now, also available at Shoppers Drug Mart.

Stephanie Dickison

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