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We all do things that become routine - getting dressed, putting on makeup, applying perfume. Time goes on and you probably haven't noticed, but you've been wearing the same stuff for years now. It's time for a change. It's time to get wild. It's time to get scents that inspire you, that really matter,

Which is why you've got to get yourself the stellar LES LARES perfumes.

Owner/Creator Julie S. Jones makes these wild and organic non-GMO essences, using a base of fractionated coconut oil, which is unscented and gets quickly absorbed by your skin. Once applied,  the essences warm and evolve working with your own body chemistry, making them completely unique to each person that wears them. And unlike synthetic perfumes (no synthetics are used here), these deepen with wear.

Each creation combines "herb and flower essences (light and volatile), absolutes (rich and powerful), and resins (woody, earthy notes)," says Jones.

Carefully made and bottled by hand with love at Jones' studio in Montreal, Qu├ębec, Canada, these botanical perfumes are extraordinary expressions of ideas, feelings and memories captured in a single scent.

Sophisticated, original and wild. Just like you. Or at least you from now on, thanks to these:

What makes this stand out from other rose fragrances is the refreshing edge of peppery cognac and depth delivered by leather vetiver grass. Don't worry - the rose absolute still comes through, but the result is completely original and captivating. It's not just feminine and flowery, but complex and oh-so-inviting. 

"Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose," wrote Gertrude Stein in 1922. Not this one. This one's so much more.

A delightful concoction so lively and effervescent, it makes me want to throw open all of the windows, turn up the music and dance up a storm.

Don't let the spicy cardamom throw you - it's not heavy-handed at all, just a subtle warmth that draws you in. Geranium absolute and tears of resin round it out with a love hearts-eque exuberance that is still elegant and completely grown up.

I wish this was a home fragrance. I want to be able to inhale this at all times.

- Vert

This intricate perfume is so very Great Gatsby to me, probably due to the gin flavoured coriander. Worldly and penetrating, the blend of cedarwood with dark hints of lavender absolute makes for an alluring, almost leathery finish, with bright and refreshing green notes that keep it from ever being heavy.

It takes you on a journey, this one. And it's an adventure that you absolutely need to go on.

- Magique Hair Oil

If you want a winter fix for your hair, look no further than Magique Hair Oil.

Vetiver grass, amour de rose and luscious neroli with an organic Camellia oil base nourishes your hair beyond belief without weighing it down or being greasy at all (it's a dry oil, so no need to worry about slick hands either).

You locks get luscious like that, thanks to a shock of vitamins and omegas, and the heady, slightly bohemian scent will rock your mane - and your world.

Stephanie Dickison

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