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You can never, ever go wrong with Estée Lauder. Whether we're talking makeup, skincare or fragrance, it's the best of all worlds - backed by top scientific research, staying on and ahead of current trends, and classics you can always count on - now and twenty years from now.

Here are some new products that just I've tested and now can't live without:

Contouring intimidates the hell out of me, but this is one of the most accessible kits I've ever used. Just two shades - contouring and highlighting, a shaping sponge and an illustrated guide on where to put what.

It shouldn't be hard. And with Estée Lauder, it truly isn't.

The matte cremes are smooth and rich without being at at heavy. You can blend and build to your heart's content. I was shocked at what a difference it made to my face. It's surprising that all that shading underneath your makeup can result in such a drastic improvement.

I am hooked.

p.s. The ice blue compact is gorgeous. The mirrored top? Unbelievable. If only they made furniture like this...

You have GOT to tend to your brows. They frame your face and can completely change how put together you look. Also, fuller brows make you look younger (!), so get the Estée Lauder Double Brow Brush now.

The angled brush at the one end makes it easy to fill in gaps so that you get a solid, yet natural looking arch.  The spooled brush on the other keeps it all tidy and straight.

Try it and see what a difference it makes. You'll never neglect your brows again.

I have long tried eyeshadows that claim to be creaseless. With my tiny peepers, I don't have a lot of room in there and so, despite many professing otherwise, I find I am always left with a line above my eyelid. Sigh.

Not with Pure Color Envy Defining EyeShadow. It stays put. It doesn't flake either, so you don't have to constantly go and check/redo your makeup. Because don't you have better things to do with your time? 

It's the most lightweight shadow I've ever tried and it manages to be everything - cream, powder and gel - all at once.

It goes on like you wouldn't believe. Put it on dry for a or a softer, more luminous finish or wet for a more intense colour. It comes in 16 shades. I tried Nude Dare. Next I'd like to get Blue Fury and Infamous Orchid to see how darker hues work on my pale mug.

Ooh, if you want rich deep colour that is super smooth, all you need is Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick. You just need one swipe to define and enhance your lips.

I tried Emotional, a wonderful raspberry, brick red creme that makes me look like a modern siren. With 32 more shades to try, you can completely customize your lipstick to your outfit and mood.

The formula is insanely nourishing, thanks to their Time-released Moisture Complex, which helps capture and seal-in hydration, and it's good to go for 6 hours.

The covetable one-click snap shut case means that you never have to worry about it spilling open in your bag.

Place standing ovation and rousing applause here.

This super soft clear liquid is glossy without being at all sticky or gloopy, has a faint candy cane minty freshness and glides on. So far, so amazing. 

And then the magic appears:

- Your lips are instantly moistened - not always a given with glosses.
- While the gloss goes on clear at first, it turns rosy, giving your lips a natural looking boost.
- A barely-there tingle alerts you that your lips have now been injected with plumpness, all without having to go anywhere near a knife. And they plump out so there's this sexy fullness that is so seductive. Don't be surprised if more people want to kiss you now...
- The finish isn't glassy and fake like other brands you've tried in the past - it's a much softer shine.
- It outlines your lips as expertly as liner. I have very feathery lips and they aren't crazy defined naturally, but this changes everything. 
- I like it on its own, but go ahead and add another colour on top of it. Win-win.

It's one of the best lip plumpers I've ever tried.

My face and neck could really use a lift. While I've able to combat the signs of aging - fine lines and winkles, dark spots, dull rough skin - my face and neck have remain to kind of lag and sag these last couple of years.

I would never go under the knife to fix this, but that doesn't mean I haven't thought about it and wished for other solutions.

A woman's true age can be seen in her face and neck, and if they aren't bouncy and firm, you will look much older than you feel.

Which is why I am euphoric to have discovered Resilience Lift Night Firming/Sculpting Face and Neck Creme.

First of all, it works while you sleep, so you don't have to do a damn thing such as facial exercises or follow a complicated multiple-product regimen day and night.

Secondly, it works quickly. The morning after the first application I could see a difference in my skin's firmness already. After a week, my stubby neck seemed slightly elongated, my jawline more pronounced along with my previously barely-there cheekbones. 

Thirdly, the rich formula feels amazing  - silky soft and weightless, it absorbs upon application and doesn't clog pores. It's completely nourishing and hydrating and has an enchanting floral scent that helps lull you to sleep (I keep dreaming of dancing with handsome celebrities - is this a part of the formulation?).

I've never seen such significant lift and tightness in my skin and so quickly. I actually didn't think it was even possible to change my features like this.

It even makes me appear slimmer - in the face, anyway (Estée Lauder, please come up with a body formula).

Holy bleeeeeeeeep. This one's for life

Stephanie Dickison

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