Ceramic Glaze Nail Lacquers - Everything You've Ever Wanted in a Nail Polish and More

I absolutely love Ceramic Glaze Nail Lacquers.

It outlasts most other nail polishes, thanks to it amazing adhesives and plasticizers that thwart chipping and a clay formulation that helps keep nails hard and strong. I know because every time I wear it, it lasts for a week no matter how much I cook, scrub the bathtub, and get my hands dirty doing odd jobs around the house (those baseboards aren't going to clean themselves).

Ceramic Glaze goes on so smooth,  so rich, you never have to go over a section to even it out. You don't even have to do two coats. One coat oughtta do it. Which is exactly what I need when I'm pressed for time but I still want to look my best.

You don't have to worry any gross ingredients like DBP, Toluene and added Formaldehyde. and it even works on other surfaces.

I like to keep my nails pretty classic - pinks, grieges, sometimes pinks and corals. At Christmas or for special occasions I might bring out a cheery red, but otherwise I like to keep things natural and feminine. However, nail colours are a way to update your look and get edgy if you want to. So this season I've donned a few dark colours (I did black nails for the first time last month) and every now and again, I like a pop of something unexpected. Here is a selection of my current crushes:

Ragtime Gal is delicate and graceful but has a sunny, bright disposition. It's also extremely flattering - the shade makes your skin glow, as if you've been away on vacation for awhile. And the iridescent finish keeps it from being too ordinary, too par-for-the course. It's a sexy addition if you ask me, and works no matter what the season.

- As for that cheery red I was telling you about, Russian Rouge works for everything from office meet-and-greets to sexy late night drinks. 

- Want to go deeper? Sexy Stiletto is downright seductive while still keeping its composure. It's a phenomenal colour for these winter months - dark but still red. 

- It's no wonder I fell for Blueberry Bubblegum, one of the brand's 23 core colours. The soft greeny-blue is like a modern seafoam, without any country schtick. It's feminine and soothing, yet still gets noticed. And the glossy finish is serious - like a sheet of brilliant glass, it looks like you've got a top coat on already.

I like the shade so much I would paint a room or furniture with it if I hadn't recently redecorated. Instead, I painted a necklace.

I found a beat up necklace at a vintage store. It has chipped, worn neon pink wood tiles mixed in with stunning cubes of smoky grey cut jewels on a thick rung of soft, round metal beads doubled and tripled throughout. If I could fix the pink ones, it would look amazing.

At the cash, I told the shopkeeper my plan. She said I should consider a mint green as it would go well with my pale colouring. Good call. I'd have a look at the paint store on the weekend.

At home, I eyed my Blueberry Bubblegum. It's so pretty. But it's nail polish, not paint. This is too crazy. It won't work, it won't adhere and it won't last. Interior and fashion designers would be outraged. 

Although one coat worked fabulously (I told you one oughtta do it), I did two just to be sure. I thought for sure I'd have to add a coating of gloss to the top to make it shine. It gleams like a newly washed car. I wear it all the time out to restaurants and events. Not a chip on it and I'm telling you - I've danced with it on, eaten sloppy joes while wearing it - it's sturdier than most necklaces I buy (the photo doesn't do it justice - it's much more stunning in person).

- These tremendous lacquers come with their own amazing glossy finish, but you're still going to want the NEW Fast Dry Top Coat, available exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart. It's not just about added high gloss shine, it helps stop chips in their tracks and dries in just 60 seconds. Seriously.

I told you Ceramic Glaze rocks. 

Stephanie Dickison

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