CarPET - The Best Pet Hair Remover EVER!

If you have a dog or cat, you know how pervasive pet hair can be. 

I grew up with two gigantic dogs - one long-hair, one short - but the amount of tumbleweeds of hair blowing across the house remained the same. Now I have a long-hair cat that somehow manages to shed as much hair as my two previous guys. How is that even possible? My vacuum bags, however, prove it.

A few years ago I moved and refurnished my entire house. In recent years, I had chosen functional pieces over beauty. This time around, I wanted items that were elegant and contemporary. I wanted a home that looked luxe without the high end price tag. I thought carefully about every purchase, choosing tapered dining chairs covered in grey linen with slim wood legs, and a tufted Parisian couch with scalloped top. It was and is the home I'd always dreamed of.

Of course my wonderful bundle of a cat came to love them too. No matter how much I tried to remove his hair,  when guests came over they had to choose between the fur laden chairs or the couch quickly deemed "Pet Hair Central." I love entertaining and having people over, so this was getting kind of embarrassing. Should I set down towels or cover everything in blankets. Should I have sacrificed style for function again?

In search of a solution, I went through a lot of products that claim to remove hair, only to move them around a bit, pick up only the first couple of layers, work only on specific surfaces, or require so much elbow grease that you are left tired and listless afterwards.

Say hello to freakin' miracle and dream come true, the CarPET.

Created to specifically work on upholstery and carpets, it removes ALL THE PET HAIR, not just some of it.

After just the first 5 minutes, I removed enough fur from my chair to make another cat. Well, a kitten at least (I had planned on taking a before and after photo to show you to astonishing difference, but was too mortified to show you the before). My couch and chairs look like new! Guests can choose to sit wherever they like, just like the democratic household it used to be.

And now when my furry feline gets up to eat or try a change of scenery, I can whisk my CarPET orange rubber bristle block across the fabric (it's so easy to use - just grasp onto the orange bar, brush it lightly across the surface towards you, and watch the magic happen) making them look pristine once again.

Cleaning the CarPET is also a breeze - tap it to release the hair, or if you like, give it a quick rinse under the tap. And it's insanely affordable - under $10 bucks US!

I can't tell you the feeling of joy I get from seeing my furry guy asleep on the couch on curled up on the chair underneath the window.

And now that they are pet hair-free afterwards?

Complete elation. 

If you own a dog or cat, you simple must get the CarPET

It will change your lifestyle and furniture. And your life, no exaggeration.

Stephanie Dickison

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