ZADOR Fine Soaps - Thermal Waters Equals Healing, Nourishing Results

You're not still washing with ordinary soap are you? Pshh. You've GOT to upgrade your bar to something more than just a simple cleaner.

First off, you should have a soap that doesn't just clean, but nourishes and heals your skin.

Secondly, it should look and smell divine.

ZADOR Fine Bar Soaps are this and so much more.

These soaps from Hungary made by hand at the foot of a castle in the Balaton Highland are made from all-natural ingredients and powerful thermal water from Heviz. The famous hot spring boasts water with tons of healing minerals including  calcium, magnesium, iodine, sulphur, and iron that are captured from 1,000 metres deep and then triple milled. This unique and rare combination, when  paired with beneficial ingredients including shea butter and vitamin E, give your skin intense hydration and healing, both in the shower/bath, and long after you step out of the water.

You'll notice the powerful difference right away - you'll start to feel more limber, your skin will be softer and smoother. The thick, rich creamy lather combined with the decadent, dreamy scents is heaven - like getting a spa treatment in the comfort of home. Soap purists will appreciate Purewhile those of us who want to be swathed in florals are captivated by Cherry BlossomRose and Lavender-Verbena scents. Ideal for the foodie in your life - Fig-PearRed GrapeCocoa and Paprika Bars.

And the large, wide ZADOR Soap bars (almost too big for your hand) are all individually wrapped and packed by hand. No need to cover these stunners in wrapping paper - they are all set to give on their own, thanks to the sophisticated and elegant wrappers, finished with gold lettering. And those scents? They get me Every. Single. Time.

ZADOR Soaps from Hungary are so extraordinary, you'll want to not only give them to everyone on your list, you'll want to keep a whole whack for yourself.

So shop now.

Stephanie Dickison

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