Si Simple Jewelry - Handmade with Love in Montreal

The days of big jewelry pieces are still here, but just look around your office and you'll see all of the cool girls are wearing the most delicate pieces. Ethereal gold and silver whispers swathed on wrists and necks. So stylish and feminine and they go with everything. Who wouldn't want to look like that?

But have you seen the prices of some of these teeny, tiny beauties? Sorry, but I'm not spending a couple of hundred dollars on something as thin as fishing line, as stunning as it might be.

Lucky for us there is Isabelle Trahan, whose Si Simple Jewelry is not just beautiful, it is made by hand in Montreal to exude "simplicity, beauty, harmony, balance, and joie de vivre." And the prices are well within our reach, making it possible to shop for friends and colleagues this holiday, and still have enough left over for ourselves.

Dainty pieces include this gold and thread bracelet, sleek charm bracelet, and a beaded bracelet that is both stylish and meditative. 

If you're looking for something a little heartier, don't fret - Si Simple Jewelry has something for everyone. This wrapped chain bracelet is a stunner (also available in leather) and I am completely taken with this braided leather bracelet in a pearly creme. Swoon.

There are also necklaces, essentials, Fall in Love Collection (complete with pineapples!), White Christmas Collection, and Aloha Spirit Collection, so shop now and get a gift that is not just exquisite, but graceful and made by hand with heart and soul.

Stephanie Dickison

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