Olfactive Studio - Wear Only Extraordinary Scents this Season

"My god you smell amazing."

Isn't that all you ever want to hear?

It's guaranteed when you're wearing Olfactive Studio's Perfumes.

With unexpected notes that include wasabi accord, fresh cut grass, papyrus essence, and something called benzoin siam, Olfactive Studio's Perfumes are not just scents - they're extraordinary experiences.

Take a closer look:

Fresh and full of verve, this zesty scent is youthful and energetic. And out-of-the-shower clean with strong notes of tennis ball, a dewy lawn that's just been mowed, and refreshing gin and tonics by the pool on hot concrete.

Well, that's just my first impression. In fact, esteemed Perfumeur Clément Gavarry has created a scent so vivacious and complex, you'll suddenly discern each notes only once you read them. All at once, it's just sheer joy in a bottle.

I am captivated by how Flash Back unfurls over time. It gains strength and yet also softens. It both moves quickly and stands still. 

Perfumer Olivier Cresp
has created an intricate scent from woody musks and ingredients ripe for a salad and yet it evokes metal, technology and somehow inexplicably, the 80s.

Sexy and playful, this makes me want to listen pull out my cassette tapes of Tears for Fears and The Human League. Which is strange, since the top notes are rhubarb, grapefruit and orange. But it proves that scent is power. This completely unique scent has evoked long-forgotten memories (and lyrics) and smells damn good in the meantime.

At first whiff, I thought of ballerinas. Then the yuzu and various peppers came strikingly through, like a shot of fresh cool air on a spring afternoon. There's a seductive woodiness that comes through, thanks to cedarwood, and a slight whiff of dark rum that will have you mixing up cocktails in no time.

This fragrance by Perfumer Dora Baghriche is deeply intricate and utterly enticing.

Just like you.

- Autoportrait

Autoportrait is like the magic eight ball of scents - somehow it knows you and your future.

This modern fragrance by Perfumer Nathalie Lorson is as layered as a opera cake. With notes including bergamot, elemi, incense, musks and vetiver, it's a heady, enveloping scent with a clean finish. 

It's smart and sophisticated with a slightly familiar essence. Your past and present will collide together, with this viewfinder slowly revealing your future self - confident in who you are and who you want to become.

This is the first time I've ever tried a fragrance the colour of a lagoon before. It's like having the ocean captured on your bedroom bureau.

Elaborate and thick with woodsy smoke, Ombre Indigo by Perfumer Mylène Alran is sultry without ever verging on heavy or cloying. 

Drink in the absolute tuberose, saffron, plum, leather, amber and papyrus essence. This right here is paradise.

You've just stepped off the plane. It's late. You're wired and knackered from the long journey. You slip the key card into room 306, where you immediately kick off your shoes, dig around the mini bar for champagne and step out onto the balcony to take in the fresh air and the city's energy.

This is not just a stop-over. It's a new beginning filled with romance and possibility. You've worked damn hard to get here and you're not going to let this opportunity slip through your fingers.

Perfumer Dorothée Piot has created a contemporary warm scent with shinus (a peppery top note), that mingles alluringly with jasmine, papyrus, violet, incense, prune, patachouli, musk, vanilla and leather.

This is the scent that adventures are made of.

- For Christmas I want the candles, so that the whole house smells like this.

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Stephanie Dickison

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