Lothantique - Elevate Your Home with Sumptuous Scents

You know when you walk into a fantastic hotel room and it smells amazing? You can experience those same opulent scents at home, thanks to Lothantique.

Lothantique's selection of luxurious bath, beauty and home fragrance products uplift your home with fresh and vibrant scents that do everything from energize to soothe you. 

It's aromatherapy of the very best kind. The Provence kind.

You've got to try these exquisite products:

Bar Soaps

Fine soap is a wonderful gift, whether it's for yourself or someone else. And these just happen to be affordable too.

Authentique Soaps are heavenly. The intoxicating scents seriously upgrade everything from simple hand washing to your quick morning shower.

The hefty French-milled bars are made to last in the tradition of the famous "Savon de Marseille" and infused with glorious fragrances that will completely change your mood, your day even.

Your skin gets buttery smooth and soft from the shea butter, and a lingering bouquet that will delight you.

I tried Milk and Green Tea - both much more floral, fragrant and posh than their names suggest - and Belle de Provence Luxury Soap in Calm with the dreamy, crisp, clean scent of bamboo. I can attest to their genuine beauty, both inside and out.

Liquid Hand Soaps

I used to use a cheap drugstore brand liquid hand soap in the kitchen and bathroom. And then I experienced the glory of  Authentique Liquid Soap in Verbena and Belle de Provence Luxury Liquid Soap in Serenity. So now of course I can't go back.

Authentique Liquid Soap in Verbena evokes freshly washed floors, clean linens on the line out to dry, and pure optimism.

The first time I used Belle de Provence Luxury Liquid Soap in Serenity, I couldn't stop smelling my hands. Or smiling. It's happened with everyone who has washed their hands with it. People come out to the living room, asking what it is and where did I get it. It's fresh and clean and floral and magnificent.

And man do you feel clean afterwards. I can't say the same for many soaps I've tried in the past.

This is why I can't stop espousing the majesty that is  Lothantique. The quality of what you get for the price is just unbeatable. There are many luxury brands that charge three or ten times what you pay here, but you can't beat this feeling of utter joy and cleanliness, at this price - and all without parabens or sodium lauryl sulphate either.

p.s. The bottles are just pretty as can be, so they are gift-ready.

To further give your home the feel of a boutique hotel, all you need are Authentique Scented Diffusers. Each reed disperses evocative scents into the room, with the bottle lasting 3-4 months.

So next time guests drop in, don't worry - your house will smell like a fresh bouquet of flowers or clean laundry or scrubbed floors. Either way, you'll get the prestige without having spent all day cleaning.

Your home can feel luxurious without having to fork out a ton of cash or upgrading the furnishings every six months.

All you need is Lothantique.

Stephanie Dickison

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