Li + Mi Jewelry - Imaginative & Captivating Pieces from Statement to Vintage

Liana Tamulaitis and Mira Markovich, based in Toronto, founded Li + Mi Jewelry back in 2008 when they "couldn't stop day dreaming about making unique, one of a kind earrings for ourselves and the all the cheeky & light-hearted ladies out there." They sell designs both from around the globe as well as house label items.

From bracelets to necklaces, earrings and pins, temporary tattoos and something called life essentials, the collection includes a range of looks and styles including vintage pieces. The one common denominator in everything they have is a cool factor and a uniqueness to them that makes immediate must-haves. 

Take the Rhinestone Rose Statement Necklace, pictured above, for instance. This stunner is all bling and bronze, with a magnificent rose full of clear beads that sparkle and shine like diamonds. It oozes Gwen Stefani rocker chic, but at the same time could be worn to an elegant charity dinner at the Four Seasons. It's got serious edge, but is simultaneously ultra feminine.

And their bracelets are like nothing I've ever seen before. Deco is the perfect accessory for a 1920's -themed New Year's Eve bash, Modern Lace has a sweet Victorian vibe, and this Lux Cuff has real power to it (the modern day Superwoman would definitely rock this on her wrists).

If you're looking for something more dainty, look no further than the Vintage Collection, with Delicate Diana and Make a Wish necklaces. Dainty Delila is fascinating - it's so modern yet it would look right at home in a movie from the Thirties.

Those who know me know that I'm often not without a statement necklace. Like the Rhinestone Rose above, I prefer something that stops people in their tracks. Which is why I'm bowled over by the Cora Necklace - it's Downton Abbey meets Rihanna. And both Gilda and Starlet are knockout articles that will upgrade that LBD in one hot second.

Li + Mi Jewelry is fresh and innovative, but still on trend. How deeply refreshing.

Stephanie Dickison

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