KB Covers - Make Your Keyboard as Pretty as Can Be

Some people can just use whatever tools are available to them. Me, I need them to look good.

Which is why when I discovered KB Covers, I was so relieved. As much as I love my current laptop, the black keyboard drives me crazy - I spent years using a white laptop so I miss the serenity that white keys bring.

Of course you might not be as excited about White (pictured above) as I am. Go ahead and choose from a rainbow of hues - Black, Solid Black. Blue, Dark Blue, Red, Purple, Pink, Green, Orange, Yellow and Silver. What's important is that you get something that makes you smile, that makes you feel good.

If you want to get away from the plain ol' keyboard look, KB Covers offers a large range of fun designs like Blue Dalmatians, Camouflage, and the British Flag.

Or add an ombre look with the Aspen Keyboard Cover or my favourite - Deep Blues Keyboard Cover - from the Colour Series. It's as tranquil as the White Colour Keyboard Cover and gives me a change of scenery while still keeping things chill.

And don't just outfit your laptop - KB Covers are available for various Apple desktop keyboards as well.

The soft silicone cover fits over your current keyboard like a dream, so you'll never feel much of a difference, though you'll notice it's a bit softer and more comfortable. Ahhh...

And because the slipcover is one piece, should you drop anything onto the keyboard, there's no crevices for your crumbs, liquids, hair, etc. to get down into. One swipe and it's squeaky clean again.

I am completely in love with my KB Covers. They make a huge difference in my day.

Make a difference in yours and shop KB Covers now.

Stephanie Dickison

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