Hebederma Anti-Aging Serum - Feel the Freshness

Surely by now you've realized that out of all the beauty products you should be religious about using, it's serum you need to abide by.

And one of the best I've tried is Hebederma Anti-Aging Serum.

What makes Hebederma so unique is that is is fresh. The serum is made as needed, per order. There's no inventory or large warehouse full of pre-packaged boxes. There are no preservatives either. There's no need. 

It contains just three natural, medical grade ingredients - deionized water, vitamin c, and different hyaluronic acid molecule weights - but trust me, it's power-packed. 

You can feel how fresh it is when you apply it and talk about hydrating - even before applying your day cream,  you'll feel a surge of moisture that lasts all day long. Yes, long after you've come in late from work, kicked off your heels, pour a glass of wine and slumped on the couch to binge on your current Netflix addiction.

The serum is super lightweight and feels like holding your face up to a soft, warm rainy mist. It sinks in in seconds. There is little scent, just a freshness that is most welcome whether it's early morning or late evening.

After just a week of use, my skin was notably firmer and plumper. Dark spots had lightened and lines faded (not even the stress of the holidays could break through!) After a month, I saw a complete turnaround. 

Hebederma Anti-Aging Serum contains no preservatives, parabens, alcohol or fragrance and the company guarantees that you get is shipped less than 7 days after formulation. Since they formulate their own products and distribute them directly to the customer, they can fully control the time and certify the serum's freshness. I love that kind of dedication and commitment.

Which is why it warrants the hefty price tag. Look, you can get a serum that was produced months and months ago and is filled with harmful ingredients and chemicals, or buy Hebederma Anti-Aging Serum , one of the most unique, freshest skincare products on the market.

Stephanie Dickison

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