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Darby Smart is an awesome website with the coolest DIY projects, crafts and supplies at the most reasonable prices.

And although I am creative and artsy, I am not crafty whatsoever. Despite my Mum being an expert quilter, sewer, builder, craftsperson (her hand-sewn oven mitt made a famous chef cry), I got none of those genes.

But I really, really would like to be.

Many months ago Darby Smart kindly sent me  two kits - awesome kits that I couldn't wait to try: frosted wine glasses similar to the DIY Glass Etching Starter Set and DIY The Magazine Clutch, which features a clutch covered in a Vogue magazine cover. And a Kate Upton one at that. Swoon.

How cool is that?! After this, I'll be able to open my own Etsy store, I told friends.

But my utter shame has kept me from publishing this post because I failed. The instructions were clear but I rushed because I was thrilled to be making art again (I went to an art high school and spent my formative years believing I'd make my living as a painter/illustrator/designer).

My frosted glasses have the requisite hearts on them but they are blurry, as are the outer edges. I like perfection in objects that I buy and display and wish that I had the patience/talent for perfection, but I don't and well, my glasses are fine but they are far from perfect, unlike the flawless photo that accompanied the box of materials.

The clutch on the other hand looks pretty great. Maybe I should have started with the bag first. Or maybe I just need to have some extended time (or a glass of wine, or to calm the eff down) before sitting down to make something.

It's not Darby Smart's fault I suck at crafts. But it's because of them and their utter coolness that I want to get better, so I think I'll:

1. Start with the DIY Succulent Copper Planter. Easy-peasy.
2. Work my way up to projects like DIY Marble & Gold Shelf and DIY Gold-Brushed Agate Napkin Rings.

Before I know it, I'll be making DIY Critter Ring Dishes and  my own gin for all my friends and family.

Darby Smart, you ROCK! And soon, with your help, so will I.

Stephanie Dickison

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