Camille Obadia Anti-Aging Cream Yam Princeps - Have One More Thing in Common with Sofia Vergara

So when such a talented, smart, funny drop-dead gorgeous actress lets us, the regular public, in on her beauty secrets, I took note. I mean, have you seen Sofia Vergara? Holy Mother of... She's stunning.

It's the first time I had heard of French skin specialist Camille Obadia and her carefully curated skincare line that she says, "battles pollution, increasing oxygenation, and maintaining good quality collagen, to keep skin healthy and fight the anti aging process.”

So I was excited and grateful for the opportunity to try the Anti-Age Cream Yam Princeps that Sofia Vergara can't get enough of.

Here's what I discovered:

I always thought products from Paris were all floral. This one is not. In fact, it has a faint aroma of sunflower seeds (one of the ingredients is sunflower seed oil) or balsa wood or is it baked yams, which is comforting in its own way.

This rich cream has an amazing silky quality that's simultaneously deeply hydrating. It sinks into the skin quickly, but you'll feel the moisture long after it's disappeared. 

You don't need much, just a thin layer at night. The paraben- and gluten-free formulation uses yamogenin - wild yam extracts -  to reverse the signs of aging and over time, your skin renews, firms and tightens.

After just two weeks of use, my skin wasn't its usual parched self. It was dewy, in fact. Huh. Strange since it's winter where I live and we're all bundled up in toques, scarves and bulky sweaters.

The other thing I've noticed is that the lines around my mouth and eyes have softened so much, they are practically imperceptible until I smile or laugh. 

My skin overall has this infusion of jubilation, thanks to my firmer and tighter visage. Just like Sofia Vergara.

Stephanie Dickison

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