UNIQFIND - Dress Your Tech in Jaw-Dropping, Affordable Marble

In case you haven't been hitting the design mags as hard as I have, marble is definitely having a moment.

It's in everything from kitchen accessories to home decor to jewelry. And while the luxe look is certainly covetable, it's not always affordable or practical (I would love a marble desk for my office, but I'm not willing to spend a number of paychecks on one).

That's why you're going to lust over UNIQFIND, where they offer insanely gorgeous marble skins that transform your MacBook, iPhone, and iPad into tools of sheer beauty.

If you want edgy, shop the Hyper Marble Collection. Prefer the more traditional look of marble? The Marble Collection's for you.

I am currently rocking the Marble MacBook Skin in White, which has completely transformed by computer from utilitarian to what looks like a real marble case. What I can't get over is:

1. How authentic it looks - it has this matte finish and depth that mimics the real thing to a tee.
2. How easy it was to apply - the 3M Skin is so thick, it didn't bubble or crease at all. All those years I spent trying to smooth out the bubbles on my old phones and laptops!

Now when I close my laptop or when I walk into the room where the marble is displayed, I am filled with glee. I now have THE PRETTIEST LAPTOP of anyone I know.

p.s. if you love paper as much as you love your tech, get the Marble Notebook.

And you want your phone to look just as good, so get it covered already in something beautiful. While it doesn't get much better than carrying around a marble phone, since I did my laptop in marble, I went with the Geometric iPhone Case, whose icy spikes not only add visual interest, it reveals the colour of your phone as well. Since you spent weeks carefully deciding between Silver, Space Grey, Gold and Rose Gold, don't you want to show it off?

p.s. If you love clear, there's also the Clear Hard Case for your MacBook.

I now have THE COOLEST iPHONE CASE of anyone I know

I am crushing hard on UNIQFIND. They have made it possible - and affordable! - for me to indulge in my love of marble without breaking the bank. 

Stephanie Dickison

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