Purdys Chocolatier - Christmas is Coming One Chocolate-Filled Day at a Time!

With the holidays only five weeks away, it's time to get organized and start thinking about gifts.

I absolutely love advent calendars. The lead up to the big day, the element of surprise when each door is opened, the reveal of what's inside (I think we'd all be much happier if every month came with an advent calendar).

And while in the past I have often gifted paper ones based on the person's likes and style, this year's  Winter Village Advent Calendar by Purdys Chocolatier is too delightful not to share with family and friends.

The sturdy, hard case cupboard opens to reveal colourful deep drawers numbered with the 24 days before Christmas. Scattered playfully out of order so you have to search for the correct day, when you find the right one, open it and squeal with delight as a single Purdys’ Milk Foiled Bell or Salted Caramel Mini wrapped in festive foil awaits you.

After you have responsibly worked your way through the month (nah, go ahead and dig into the week ahead!), you can refill the drawers for next year.

Suddenly paper advent calendars don't seem that exciting anymore.

Also noteworthy: Christmas Lollies for stocking stuffers and to accompany cards and bottles of wine, Warm Holiday Wishes Book Tin (ideal for both chocolate AND book lovers), and Christmas Chocolate Bar Bag (because a whole bag of chocolate bars is awesome!).

Stephanie Dickison

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