Dollup Case by Dollup Beauty - Your Prettiest Clutch is Also Your Most Organized

When my Dollop Case by Dollup Beauty arrived, I couldn't get over it's stunning appearance.

The colour of a Tiffany ring box (you can choose from a host of colours - I'm crushing hard on the Rose Gold too), the texture of high end leather (you'd never know it's premium synthetic) complete with gold clasp, and the perfect structured handheld size, the Dollop Case is everything I ever wanted in a clutch.

And then I opened it. 

Designed to keep all of your makeup tidy, the hard shell reveals an interior with a fold down mirror, a magnetic liner to hold cosmetic pots (voila - a customized palette just for you!), and elastic compartmentalized to hold your brushes, liners, and glosses (it arrives empty for you to fill with your own selection of makeup).

Whether you're heading out to a big time gala or just going from work to the gym to home, the Dollup Case is the most beautiful way to touch up and tote your makeup.

And it's just so damn beautiful to look at and hold. 

Stephanie Dickison

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