My Magic Mud - Black Natural Tooth Powder that Whitens Your Teeth

It seems contradictory to use a product the colour of a chalkboard to make your teeth white, but after years of reviewing beauty products, I've learned that anything is possible (which is why I look younger now than I did a decade ago).

That's why you've got to try My Magic Mud.

This astonishing black tooth powder is made from all natural ingredients (activated coconut shell charcoal, calcium bentonite clay - made with living clay! - certified organic orange peel extract powder, and wildcrafted mint extract powder), that work away to deeply clean your teeth.

Not only does it whiten and polish your teeth naturally, it removes toxins and reduces teeth sensitivity. It's removed stains that I've had for years as well as washed away the more temporary ones that come with drinking coffee, tea and wine (glug, glug). 

It really is a triple threat. My teeth were painfully sensitive before using this and now, I am pain free. Also, they are super white. Hollywood white.

And that's not all - it's tasteless which is great (you don't always want your mouth to be minty, especially before downing orange juice, wine, etc.) and  can even be safely swallowed. There's also no GMOs, fluoride, sodium lauryl sulfate, triclosan, preservatives, glycerin, foaming agents, which is all stuff you really don't want. No doubt your current toothpaste can't do all that.

My Magic Mud delivers on all its claims. And they tell you it's going to be a bit messy, which I appreciate. After all, the fine black powder takes a few tries before you have a bathroom sink that looks like a chimney.

They offer all sorts of helpful hints (use at night, brush in the shower) and a how to video (see below), but I've found that being careful when opening the jar, putting a little bit on wet bristles and just washing the sink after I'm done (it never stains and I've got a white porcelain sink) was just fine.

And yes, the first time you look and the mirror and see your mouth covered in black is a bit weird. But it's like using a face mask - it just becomes normal by the second time you try it.

The price of $25 might sound steep, but each jar lasts a MINIMUM of 150 times, or around 5 months, so that's about $5 a month or less. I bet your spending more on whitening products over that period of time.

To have a whitening product that has not only obliterated my formerly tender, pained teeth and gums, but whitened my teeth effectively, all with natural ingredients, feels like something that could only be conjured up in a dream.

But it's real and it's amazing, so shop My Magic Mud now.

Stephanie Dickison

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