FABY Nature Collection - Stunning Eco Nail Polish That Stands Up to Daily Life

I need a nail polish that will stand up to everything I do. That means washing the floor, doing laundry and dishes, scrubbing the bathtub, cooking and chopping, shampooing the cat, and well, you get the idea.

I know you're going to say that I should be getting gels, but I don't like how it wrecks your nail bed. Your nails look fabulous with it on, but once you take it off, they're a disaster.

So you can imagine my surprise by FABY Nature Collection, polishes with ingredients that are 87%  of natural origin (derived from the manufacture of wood pulp, cotton, maize, cassava and other raw vegetable materials, not petroleum like other polishes) outlasted many of my other polishes made with strong chemicals.

For seven days there wasn't a chip to be seen, despite my hectic week filled with all the aforementioned activities plus some.

This creamy eco-friendly polish from Italy goes on super smooth, and thanks to the wide brush, application is quick and ripple-free. It also dries quickly, which I so appreciate (who wants to sit around and watch paint dry?) and finishes with a lovely shine.

The entire FABY Nature Collection is dreamy:

Peau d'Ange - an apricot that has a cool vintage vibe to it, making it suitable for all seasons, all wardrobe changes. 

Afromosia - The warm milk chocolate colour is rich and buttery, making it a nice change from your usual dark shades.

Cymbidium - Ooh, this pairs so well with grey and navy, it's initial boldness will will wear off and it will soon become one of your faves.

If I could wear only three polishes for the rest of my days, they would be 100% Cashmere (pinky nude that is ultra feminine and goes with everything), Silk Cocoon (griege-y neutral that rocks all skintones and has a modern edginess to it) and Etruscan Clay (a sumptuous warm grey that is so alluring, you'll soon be doing your walls in a similar shade).

If that's not love, I don't know what is.

Stephanie Dickison

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