Sport Suds - Finally A Laundry Detergent That Gets Your Clothes Really, Really Clean

As a new runner, I have learned some big lessons quickly:

-  Wear only technical materials that breathe
-  Running is as demanding as any workout I've ever done
- Learning to run in the summer means being okay with being drenched head-to-toe in sweat

Despite being very careful when washing my clothes - cold water only, delicate cycle, hang to dry, I found my running gear never felt completely clean afterwards.

Hmm. It's one thing to feel gross after a run, but I certainly don't want to start one that way.

I did some research and came across Sports Suds. Not only is it eco-friendly, it works to clean high performance clothing, removing all residue and odor.

Sports Suds works its way into all those tight fibers and technical fabrics and scrubs them until they're squeaky clean - all with a no fragrance, hypoallergenic and non-toxic formula. It works especially well on microfiber woven and waterproof-breathable fabrics, cleaning them so that sweat moves from your skin to the exterior of the fabric, quickly evaporating, leaving you drier than you've ever been. And yet, it is absolutely gentle on your clothes.

And by no means do you have to be a runner or work out intensely to use it. Try it with any item that’s normally washed in water, including wool, cotton, silk and most other fabrics. You'll notice they come out of the wash feeling super clean and light. Ahhh... The difference is so great, you might just stop using regular ol' detergent all together.

What's even more exciting is that your clothes are now free of leftover detergent, fragrances and other chemicals, as they are when you use your usual detergent. And it gets better - Sport Suds Laundry Detergent also cleans the residue clinging to the inside of your washer. So not only do your clothes come out insanely clean, your washing machine gets a long overdue cleaning too (you can also buy the washing machine cleaner separately or with the detergent). And when I realized I'd never cleaned my machine - me who washes her purses, cleans her phone and laptop daily - I felt a bit woozy. Thank goodness for Sports Suds. Now I have a truly clean washer and clean clothes. What a feeling!

Shop Sports Suds now and get your clothes - and washing machine - cleaner than they've ever been.

Stephanie Dickison

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