Pepper Ink Vintage & Custom Temporary Tattoos - Designs So Awesome, You Won't Need a Real One After All

Picking a tattoo design can be one of the toughest decisions you'll ever make (it took me yeeears to finally decide on one). 

So while you are trying to find a design that fits, you should get yourself over to Pepper Ink Vintage & Custom Temporary Tattoos. Because their illustrations are so phenomenal, you'll just want these.

The various artists featured offer a wide range of designs, everything from words and phrases to lifelike drawings and images. There are vintage illustrations and original drawings. You can ever get custom work including animal portraits and map geographical coordinates.

Shop by collection, or choose modern designs or vintage.

I love the collections as you get to try out a variety of looks. The vintage floral collection is a stunner. Having a soft spot for cabbage roses and shabby chic prints (it's all Rachel Ashwell's fault) , it was amazing to try on a big design and one that was coloured. Previously, all of my tattoo ideas were in black-and-white. This opened up my mind to a whole new world of possibilities. I also rocked the black and white floral collection, which has me thinking I now have a flower tattoo in my future, thanks to Pepper Ink.

And the detail is amazing. Whether you choose something linear, delicate or intricate, the penmanship is flawless.

The words too, make me swoon. Anyone who knows me knows I'm particular about fonts and proportion. And these? They're perfect.

Whether you just want to try on tattoos without ever getting a permanent one or you're still trying to find the perfect design to finally get inked, you've got to shop Pepper Ink Vintage & Custom Temporary Tattoos right now.

p.s. These make phenomenal presents. You're going to be the best gift-giver this holiday season with these in hand.

Stephanie Dickison

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