Le Feu de L'Eau Candles - Stunning to Look At, Even Better to Experience

For me, candles are nothing home to write about unless they are really freakin' great candles. They've got to look stunning and smell fabulous. Plain unscented? Not for this girl. I want candles with oomph.

That's why I am forever espousing the beauty of Le Feu de L'Eau Candles candles (I knew I was onto something when I first discovered Le Feu de L'Eau three years ago. Now celebrities like Kerry Washington are scooping them up to enhance their homes, offices and hotels).

It's not just their colourful, sleek tie-dyed-like exterior that I find so enticing (The fact that they liven up my modern yet subdued colour palette doesn't hurt either). Or that they are hand poured and sculpted under water for crying out loud (talk about an art piece), making each one completely unique. It's the scents.

I am completely enraptured in their Citrus + Bergamot. The warm lemony fragrance has a slight man's cologne finish that is extremely sexy and alluring. Enveloping and refreshing, I look forward to lighting it in the evenings. The practice not only soothes and calms me, the captivating scent gives me a quick escape from the stresses of the day.

The candle burns completely clean, (you just have to trim the wick before each use) and it lasts and lasts. So far, I've used mine during dinner parties, cocktail shindigs, date nights and quiet evenings in. No matter what the occasion though, it always adds to and deepens each experience.

What a gift.

Stephanie Dickison

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