Elsy Tights - Just in Time for Fall, The Pefect Tights

Fall is my favourite time of year. In addition to the arrival crisp, clean air, and the anticipation of Thanksgiving and creamy comfort foods, I really love the clothing and accessories of autumn. The thick weaves and wools, sumptuous textures and deep colours. But the actually clothing can get a bit tiresome - pants/sweater; dress/boots; skirt/sweater; repeat until the end of March - which is why I simply adore fall accessories.

The first most important accessory of fall and winter is a good pair of black tights. This is because all of your outfits will depend on it, and once you find the right pair, you're in for a smooth season of comfort and style.

One of the best I've ever tried - Elsy Tights, a  brand new subscription service launching today that sends you a pair of their  Elsy Essential Black Tights every month (you can also adjust the frequency to how often you'd like to receive them to every two or three months).

This is brilliant for many reasons, including you can stock up at your leisure without having to leave the comfort of home. 

It's near to impossible to find tights that are both comfortable and look good. Last winter, a friend and I each wore tights with our dresses to a swanky celebrity affair - mine were comfortable but didn't look great; hers looked fabulous but she had to leave early because of a stomachache from the waistband. One year, I wore good looking but unbearably painful tights on a long train ride. Mid-way, I ripped them off, revealing milky white legs in the middle of winter. Embarrassing yes, but necessary even more.

Which is why I am shocked and awed by the insane softness and stretch of my pair of Elsy Tights. With just the elastic band at the top, the rest is all silky, plush fabric that gives you the sleekest silhouette without any of the bondage torture that usually comes with wickedly cool tights.

The pair I tried were tall enough for me (5'6"), but just (Elsy says the tights fit 4'11-5'8 or 100cm - 170cm). In fact, they fit like a d-r-e-a-m.

The satin finish gives your look a little extra oomph and polish (the shimmer doesn't show in the photo below). I am completely in love. For my #OOTD I've paired them with two of my favourite new pieces for fall - a sophisticated black bag from Paris and rubber soled heels for all the walking, standing and dancing I tend to do in a week. For me, it's always about the accessories. What you can't see - a tight black mini dress with a shock of neon pink along the bottom. Just because it's fall doesn't mean it can't be fun.

At just $10USD per pair (shipping included), they are an absolute dream and absolute must. I will be stocking up for the season, happy in the knowledge that my legs will look rockin' and I can walk/sit/dance all day/night long in complete and utter comfort.


Stephanie Dickison

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