Lollycadoodle 100% Wool Pet Toys - Because Your Pet Deserves the Very Best

"Go get the ball/bone/mouse!"

Having grown up with humongous dogs as a kid and then a rather large cat as an adult, these words have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.

And as I have become more concerned about what I use and have in my home over the years (buh-bye plastics and chemicals), this thinking has extended to my beloved furry ones. Along with organic foods (they eat better than I do!), health supplements, and all natural cleaners, I try and surround my pets with as many natural materials as possible.

Lollycadoodle carries  pet toys that are not only made from 100% wool that have been felted into a soft material that cats and dogs can't get enough of, they are lovingly handmade

Handmade by trained artisans in Kathmandu, Nepal in a Fair Trade facility, the toys are felted with just soap and water. The wool is put out to dry in the Kathmandu sun and then is shipped out to you. The result is a super-strong, water, odor and dirt-resistant fabric.

The other bonus of these toys (as if there's not enough to love already) is that while you don't want you pet to eat the toy, if they did, they would be all right, unlike if they ate that plastic fishing pole or flattened out duck with the googly eyes from the pet centre. The naturally dyed wool is full digestible, so you can leave your cat or dog with their toys without having to worry. Phew.

I absolutely adore the characters available - there's everything from sticks to rings, rocks and hearts, mushrooms and adorable dinosaurs and the cutest koala you ever did see!

Balls are a must for any pet. But you've also got to get them something with a little pizazz. If you're like me and become smitten with little critters, then you simply have to get the Pig! Complete with bacon stripes, he is so endearing, I think I' m going to have to fight my cat at bedtime for him. I also think he's going to be a big hit with these two lovelies - Porkchop & Charlie Pickles.

If you want a safe toy for your pet, it doesn't get any better - or cuter! - than Lollycadoodle.

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Stephanie Dickison

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