Yves Rocher Makeup & Fragrance Round Up - The Best of the Very Best

Yves Rocher rocks my world. I fall hard, fast and heavy for everything they make.

Here is a quick round up of some of latest items I tried:


Flawless Finish Fluid Foundation and Flawless Skin Concealer truly works with all skin colours. I rocked the pinky light (Rose 100) for my fair skin, while my Mum, who has a darker, more olive-y complexion used the medium (Beige 100) with a flawless finish. Just think - no more dark lines along your chin or having two different shades on your face and neck!

The formula is also mistake-proof as it goes on like a dream. Your mornings of having to blend until you have carpal tunnel are over!

Flawless Skin Concealer is so creamy smooth and hides my dark circles from late nights and early mornings (almost always occurring back-to-back naturally).

Once you try them, you'll have a hard time moving onto something else, like I did.

These eyeshadow palettes make it easy to go from day-to-night in one fell swoop or work a smoky eye with ease. And it's not because you have to have watched thousands of hours of YouTube videos or take weekend workshops - each compact comes with four shades made to work together and then an illustrated guide on which shade goes where on your eye. The mix of effects - matte, satin and shimmery - work both wet and dry (wet, the shimmer and satin turn metallic!).

The long compact comes complete with a mirror, allowing for touch ups along the way, or if you're in a crunch, getting glam in an airplane bathroom (because just look at who is sitting next to you - hello!).

Sophisticated Pink brings out the green in my eyes bigtime (if you have brown eyes, Dazzling Green will make them pop). I use Incandescent Brown for a subtle glow and Deep Grey and Luminous Blue on date night - rwar! Subtle Aquatic is my favourite. Surprising, as it's the most bold, but I love the combination. I rock the multi-colours when I'm on stage, at a big fundraiser or just throughout the week for a bit of BAM!

The sleek rose gold compact looks like a million bucks on the counter or in your clutch, but lucky for us they are inexpensive, so get multiples.

Volume Elixir Mascara

The right mascara can make all the difference in your look. And one of the very best is Yves Rocher Volume Elixir.

While hibiscus peptides work to nourish, protect and reinforce your lashes,  they get seriously infused with volume - without clumps or being weighed down. Get right in there to all the little guys in the corner without having to be fussy - just one sweep does it, thanks to the ingenious conical brush design.

Day or night, you get a jaw-dropping look. Say buh-bye to your fake lashes - you're not going to need them anymore.

Bleu Végétal Shower Gel

The bottles in the collection alone are enticing. A deep teal is oceanic, but the scent is all fresh summer garden. It goes on light, but develops a deep floral headiness that I never tire of. The jasmine and bergamot blend is enticing and refreshing all at once.

The body wash has a light texture, but is luxuriously silky and creamy. Soon you'll find yourself under a soft thick blanket of suds.

You'll come away feeling completely renewed and extraordinary. 

Bonus: It's paraben free and made with with cornflower water from organic farming and +98% natural origin ingredients.

Bleu Végétal Eau de Toilette

Extend that fresh floral feeling with the collection's perfume

The fragrance is slightly spicier than the body wash, but just by a smidge. It still leaves you surrounded in a wondrous garden.

Light enough to wear throughout the day, but enticing enough to rock at night, the scent is so luxe, yet so affordable. Simply breathtaking.

Stephanie Dickison

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