greetabl - Put a Box on It. A Very Pretty, Stylish Box.

I have loved gift-giving from a very young age. I adore seeking out the perfect gift for someone, coming home, wrapping it and including a heartfelt message to go alongside it.

But life is busier than ever, and while I still make time to get presents for my loved ones, it's a whole other thing to run out to get wrapping, a box and a card all to match. Especially if you've got to get it off to the post office as well.

Which is why I am so taken with greetabl. First of all, the whole premise of their business is that gifts are way better in a box than an envelope. And they are so right - that anticipation that you get and then the added bonus of the element of surprise and you've got yourself a memorable gift, even before you've seen the actual present.

And it gets even better. Small boxes are designed to reveal your custom message, as well as the gift inside, so you don't have to go out and get a separate card - your greeting is written right on the inside of the box. Brilliant!
That, combined with chic designs (no more wrapping!), and that they're made in the US with fab, sturdy, recycled materials (the papers used are fantastic) and well, I'm completely hooked!

And if that isn't cute enough, check out the adorable Shipping Kit, should you need to pop your gift off in the post.

I know not everyone loves scouting around for the quintessential gift, and greetabl knows that too, which is why they've put together the whole care package for you! Superb matching presents and boxes allow you to show someone you care, without all that hunting around. Shop for a new mom, the person that is all about beer, or send off something for the garden, or a cup of tea to honour the occasion.

greetabl is a modern solution to the challenge of trying to give someone a small gift, along with a heartfelt sentiment, all wrapped up in a very pretty package.

Thanks to Joe and ZoĆ«, gift-giving has never been easier. Or more stylish.

Stephanie Dickison

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