BerryBreeze Fridge Fresh - A Must-Have for Life!

As a food writer and restaurant critic, I spend most evenings out at restaurants trying a variety of dishes, many of which make their way home with me for further inspection the following day. So on any given day my fridge is crammed full of a melange of stinky concoctions - curries and noodles, spicy seafood and wilted cabbage, burgers and ribs.

In between restaurant visits, I do try and cook as much as possible so every week I come home from the farmer's market loaded down with fresh produce, fish and meat. What ends up happening more often than not is that on a night I think I'll be making dinner, I'm instead heading to a new spot that just announced their opening or at a food event where I'm downing corn dogs and slow cooked brisket poutine.

Which means opening my fridge can sometimes be a punch in the nose.

Over the years I have tried many fresheners for the fridge. Baking soda has never done the trick - perhaps it worked back when we used to pour a can of soup over everything and call it dinner, but it can't compete with my 40-spice pork loin and the award-winning blue cheese that I got sent. I stopped trying different food preserving methods because the filters and components get harder to find over time, so the devices got abandoned and I am left with a fridge full of smelly leftovers and decomposing food yet again.

I was intrigued about the new BerryBreeze Fridge Fresh when I stumbled across it online, but I was pretty skeptical due to my previous experiences. And also the pricetag is higher than any others I've seen.

But that all changed as soon as I used it. Here's why:

1. Unlike other food preservers, it runs on batteries (D cell even, which I hadn't bought since powering my ghetto blaster in the 80s), so you never have to worry about not being able to find the filters or charcoal packets or whatever they use. And even if you could find them, I guarantee they would not be found close to home, but instead 3 train and 2 bus changes over. Seriously.

2. It comes equipped with a light that lets you know when to replace the batteries. Instead of having to write the date on a piece of masking tape and then have to look at it way back there in the back corner behind the margaritas (what do you mean not everyone has a pitcher or margaritas at the ready in their fridge at.all.times?) and take-out containers (this post is making me very hungry).

3. Produce that I bought two weeks ago looks like I bought it earlier today. And tastes just as fresh. That's due to the timed-release of activated oxygen (O3) and a bunch of other very scientific stuff that is fascinating, but all you really need to know is it's a freakin' wonder is what it is.

4. I have SAVED HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS thanks to BerryBreeze. I used to throw out food on a weekly basis and the only times I throw something out now is if it sucks (just because I eat out all the time doesn't mean it's always good). Not only am I not wasting food and money, I am not adding to our already disgusting food waste problem.

5. So the cost that I thought was exorbitant is actually nothing compared to other systems I've used and the fact that you have it for LIFE? One of the best items you will EVER buy. EVER.

6. I used to groan opening the fridge, as the odours would waft into my otherwise clean, fresh-smelling house. Now I can't wait to see what's inside. Mmm, lamb bhuna, papaya salad, deep-fried pickles...

Buy BerryBreeze Fridge Fresh now.

p.s. My dream? That they can come up with a version to use throughout whole house. Swoon!

Stephanie Dickison

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