AERIN new Rose Lip Balm - So Much More Than Just Makeup

Last year was the first time I tried AERIN beauty products and it forever changed me.

Before knowing much about Aerin Lauder and the brand AERIN, I was captivated by the classic glamour the products exude. The cases and packaging alone are precious collectables that feel both modern and yet harken back to the 20s or 40s. But the quality of what's inside is what's so staggering. I haven never tried luxury brands like Dior, Tom Ford, Chanel and Burberry, but everything I've tried by Aerin Lauder makes me feel rich and nourished and luxurious beyond belief. Simultaneously, there is awarmth to everything she does. From her Beach Cream to blush, its sunny and friendly and approachable, ending with a rich finish and feel.

I was so taken with the two products that I tried last year that I got her book, Beauty at Home. Not only did I read it from cover to cover, I'm redoing my entire house based around it. It's not only inspired a whole new way of decorating for me (fascinating seashells, blue and white additions, and a giant lobster on the wall!), it's changed how I see everything. I know that sounds like a gross exaggeration, but I promise it's not. There is something about her classic beauty topped off with a sunny outlook and a modern edge that I love - both the woman and the brand.

So you can imagine my squeal of delight when the stunning gold compact of Rose Lip Balm showed up at my door. It's so beautiful I keep it right in my desk top, nestled between my laptop and agenda. Not something I have ever done with any other brand or tube - they are always stowed away out of sight in my desk drawer or purse.

A perfect example of what makes it stand above so many others: the texture is such that even though you might apply just a dab, it is the only lip balm I've ever used in my entire life that just stayed put. My job requirements include eating and drinking and in between that, I bite my lips, so never have I had a balm stick around for more than an hour or so. But with AERIN New Rose Lip Balm, the texture is soft on your lip, but on the outside it's a firm barrier, so for the first time ever, I apply balm just once in the morning and sometimes just a touch up after a meal. With any other product, I've always had to continuously reapply. It's a complete game changer.

Fine lines magically disappear as your lips are nourished and moisturized, thanks to viamerine, a natural emollient and organic oil from sunflower. There is a subtle rose scent, something that Aerin adds to many of her products as her grandmother Estée (another beauty icon who's products I feel transformed in) did, and a lovely whisper of pink  that adds just the teensiest bit of colour to your lips. So it looks like your own lips au natural, but better, healthier.

Pop the confetti and champagne. This is not just lip balm, it's THE lip balm.

To some, it might just be makeup. But for me, Aerin's products are a way of life. The very best kind of life.

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Stephanie Dickison

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