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The art of giving someone the perfect card is more important than ever. No one writes anymore - not on paper anyway. So we've resorted to communicating through email and even worse, text. So when you are given the opportunity to share your sentiments on paper, you'd better make 'em good. And on the best cards you can find.

Yeppie Paper is a design studio run by sister and brother team, Jennifer Lee Gregoire and Jim Lee out of Los Angeles. The line features magnificent, gentle, hand-painted illustrations in muted colours that are so great, so perfect, you will be tempted to keep some (give in to the temptation - I did). And the ones that you do finally part with and give to someone? They will fall for them as hard as you did. 

Case in points (because there are more than just one):

1. There are these two woman I know who are a complete delight. These two best friends run a company together and seriously, they couldn't not be more whip-smart, funny, talented and beautiful. I love them to pieces. So when it was one of their bdays, I went in search for something pretty and whimsical, as I know that's what her desk at the office is like. Well, of course I found not only a charming card in the XO Hugs & Kisses Birthday Cake Card design, it also happens to bear her last name - LOVE. She just about fell on the floor with delight.

2. For Mother's Day this year, I gave my Mum the To My Beastie Birthday Card. I know, I know - not only is it not an actual mother's day card, it's meant to bear a bday message. But my Mum and I are extremely close and well, it was beyond perfect. So much so that my Mum laughed and laughed and laughed when she opened it, said she was putting it up on the wall as soon as she got home and now we call one another "Beastie." When was the last time you gave someone a card that initiated a lifelong nickname for one another?!

3. Sometimes a card just moves you. I am currently searching for a frame for the You Deserve a Round of Appaws so that I can add it to my office wall of art. Being an animal lover and seeing all those little (and a few big) paws in one frame just freakin' moves me. I love it so much.

Which brings me to why I love so many of their designs - many of them feature the most beautiful animals. I am giving my Mom the Grizzly Bear Cupcakes Birthday Card for her birthday this year because she loves bears and I'm saving the Sea Otters Happy Birthday Card for next year's celebrations. I find the Lemurs Sympathy Card so touching - their tiny little backs to us, snugged up against one another in the rain - I considered framing this one too. And I love that they're not typical animals either - if you know someone who loves meerkats, beavers, gorillas, donkeys, sea lionsgiraffes (pictured above) and ostriches (swoon - framing these), squirrels and racoons, you're shopping is done!

Shop Yeppie Paper now and give cards make an impact. That will no doubt end up hanging on the wall too.


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