SpaRitual Rhythm Nail Lacquers - Pretty as Punch, then Peel Away

One of my favourite collections for spring doesn't come from some high-end fashion designer - it's the amazing SpaRitual’s Spring 2015 Nail Lacquer Collection: Rhythm.

These six new lacquers are fantastic matte satins that deliver a wonderful new and refreshing look to your nails. And though at first glance, they might seem quiet and understated, the colours are so rich in creaminess and depth, they won't just slip unnoticed into the background.

The better-than-pastel lineup includes gorgeous hues that will complement every piece in your closet:

- Seasons (chamomile shimmer matte satin) is a modern, pale yellow. Like a budgie's feathers, it's soft and flattering and shows off a tan like you wouldn't believe.

- Cycles (peach crème matte satin) verges on a pale rose or that delicate orange-y pink that you find on the underside of a shell along the water's edge. It can look vintage cool or completely edgy, depending on your outfit.

- Dynamics (dusty pink crème matte satin) is one of the most addictive of the bunch. Normally I switch up my nail colour every 4 or 5 days, almost never repeating a shade twice in a row. But with Dynamics, I've been hitting replay ever since it arrived. It's subtle, but still has great presence. And it goes on so smooth, so quickly.

- Vibration (pale pink crème matte satin) is a sweeter, softer version of Dynamics. The most delicate lavender you ever did see.

- Groove (soft dusty blue matte satin) will probably be one of the only blues you'll wear and one of the best you ever own. It's what I call Martha's Vineyard blue, a hue that you see in thick pottery and at a certain time at sunset. Swoon.

- Pattern (dark grey glitter matte satin) seems to simulate the night sky with its deep grey base and with golds and reds like shooting stars. It's stunning and completely sophisticated. When was the last time you said that about glitter?

Now I know what you're thinking - you've given up wearing anything with even the slightest bit of glitter because it's too much work to get it off. 

That's why you need SpaRitual's Unveil Peel-Off Basecoat. It's so revolutionary, you might just take to wearing glitter for the next two years straight.

You simply apply one thin coat, let it dry completely (wait for it - it's worth it) and then add your SpaRitual glitter polish. You can wear it for a full day or two and then to remove, simply peel it off. It comes off easily in one fell swoop, not in little pieces, so rockin' serious glitter is no longer a drag. Not only will you save big time on nail polish remover, you can remove it anywhere without needing any supplies - just peel and go.

SpaRitual continues to amaze and delight me with their innovative colours and products. They are one of the best nail lacquer lines I've ever tried.  

Stephanie Dickison

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