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Not all lotions and moisturizers are made equal. Over the years, I have tried many "big name" ones that worked for a moment or a day, but petered out soon after. I stopped buying the ones on sale at the drugstore and sought out only ones that truly work.

Proof that CeraVe products really get the job done came after I tried virtually the whole product line,  and everything still softened, smoothed and soothed months later.

was developed with dermatologists to develop a line of skin care products designed to "help repair and strengthen the skin barrier." (According to CeraVe, your skin has a natural protective moisture barrier. Factors such as harsh weather, UV rays,washing your hands, and various skin conditions can deplete your skin’s moisture barrier. To find out your skin's barrier rating, take the quiz).

This is part of what sets CeraVe apart from the rest. They focus on repairing and protecting your skin barrier. They're the first brand to contain the "three skin-identical Ceramides and patented MVE® technology providing 24-hour hydration with just one application."
What all that scientific jargon means is that your skin is being renewed, moisturized and fortified, not just upon application, but all day long. All fragrance-free to boot.

Here is how they CeraVe worked for me:

- Both cleansers - CeraVe Hydrating and Foaming Facial Cleanser - are among the best I've ever tried. I could use them all over my face (some require you to not use near or on your eyes), they removed every stitch of makeup (including the very stubborn, waterproof/24hr kind), and left my face feeling squeaky clean AND moisturized. I used them every day for months, and both worked equally as well. I think it's just a matter of preference of which texture you prefer. I found the foaming one a little thicker and heavier.

- After cleansing, it's time for moisturizer. For your face, there's AM and PM formulas, which helps keeps things streamlined (because isn't life busy enough without trying to remember what cream you have to put on when?). I love that the AM has an SPF 30 built in, saving me yet another thing to remember to do in the morning. It's also one of the lightest lotions I've ever used - it's practically weightless, yet I feel my skin being nourished all the time. It's evened out my skin so much that I went running the other night without a stitch of makeup on. The night lotion has a bit more heft to it, but by no means is it heavy. In fact, it's dreamy - you wake up to younger, smoother skin!

- For all over, there's CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion. If you prefer cream over lotion, it comes in a tube or jar. Either way, you'll love the non-greasy feel and how it sinks into your skin right away. I slathered it on after my morning shower and before bed. The few rough and dry patches I had disappeared. My skin took on a more youthful appearance. And never throughout the day did I feel dry or itchy. Even after a winter of below 30 weather and all that dry heat in the house. So you can imagine how I've fallen for their Therapeutic Hand Cream. It's in my purse, desk drawer and on my nightstand. Just hold my hand and see how soft and smooth they are for yourself.

Not only did this one line do it all, it helped sooth and heal my sunburns and chapped skin. Ahhh, the relief!

If you want skincare for both face and body that truly works, shop CeraVe now.

Stephanie Dickison

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