ANNABELLE Lipsies Lip Balms - Pucker Up Those Dreamy, Moist, Glossy Lips

Even when I wear lipstick, I have to put balm on underneath. Otherwise, my lips dry and flake in an instant. So having a balm that delivers both colour and shine is a dream come true for me.
Annabelle Lipsies Lip Balms keep my lips soft and nourished and finishes my look with polish. These wondrous chubby tinted balms make application super easy - just swipe one or two times across your precious pout and you're done! 

Available in 12 shades and 10 sweet fruit aromas, these sheer looks have the glam of a gloss without any of the stickiness, and have the added bonus of aromatherapy due to their delicious scents!

I tried three from the collection:

- I haven't been able to stop rockin' Fruit Punch - the bright pink and fruity scent makes me glow inside and out!

- A close second is Coco-Vanilla, or what I like to call a vacay in a tube with the subtle smell of sun, sand and suntan lotion, and delicate shell pink shade. Perfect for any day, rain or shine.

- I almost never wear red lipstick because I feel like it's too much on my light skin. But Cherry is so sheer, it's the perfect hint of red - regal, not racy. Love it! And that addictive cherry aroma is intoxicating! Now I wear red ALL. THE. TIME. thanks to Annabelle's Lipsies!

At less than $5 a pop, you can get a Lipsies for each mood and every outfit. And don't forget to add some Stay Sharp Waterproof Liners to match. They are a must for completing your new look.

Lipsies might be inexpensive, but don't mistake that for a cheap product. The stubby pencil is easy to use and fun to swipe, and the scents are like candy, but the look you get is completely sophisticated. Who says you have to spend $30 on a gloss or balm to have dreamy, moist, glossy lips?

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Stephanie Dickison

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